GN Focus | Germany

  • story 1
    Sunday Nov 9

    What makes Berlin the creative capital?

    Tearing down the wall in 1989 obliterated the physical divide between East and West, engendering a new ethos of cultural diversity that makes Berlin one of the world’s most vibrant cities

  • story 2
    Sunday Nov 9

    German economy: back in the black?

    Next year, Germany wants to balance its books for the first time since 1969. But as the country lowers its economic forecast, critics say it should be spending more instead

  • story 3
    Sunday Nov 9

    Study for free in Germany

    Free or low-fee options offered by leading German universities make them top choices for UAE students

  • story 4
    Sunday Nov 9

    The new age football invincibles

    With time, talent and an ingrained winning temperament, Joachim Loew’s squad of superstars should become unbeatable

  • story 5
    Saturday Nov 9

    How d’you like your Hamburg?

    Whether you’re looking for history or merely to celebrate a hard day’s night, Germany’s second-biggest city has something for everyone

  • story 6
    Saturday Nov 9

    Beyond the wurst

    A group of classically proficient, yet resolute chefs act as the vanguard towards ushering in a new age of German cuisine

  • story 7
    Saturday Nov 9

    We know how to laugh

    German expats in the city defend their sense of humour but admit to being a little over-fastidious while generally making it clear that they all don’t own a pair of leather breeches… only the Bavarians do