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Gender blender

Do men really need blenders? GN Focus revisits the age-old debate and whips up a brainstorm

Image Credit: Corbis
The unassuming appliance can pack a multifunctional punch
She says
What is it they say about men? Ah, yes… men are like blenders. You need one but you’re not quite sure why! Chris Peterson decided to put his gender out of misery and wrote A Man’s Whirled: Every Guy’s Guide to Cooking with a Blender (published by Simon & Schuster). I recommend single men read it and weep with joy (or shame, whichever works for you). 
This unassuming appliance can pack a multifunctional punch. A simple turn of the knob to a desired speed can blitz, chop, puree, crush, whip, juice, grind and mince. Some blenders do it all, others do most. It doesn’t have a million buttons, is fairly priced and if instinctively handled is the perfect Starsky to your Hutch.
It’s a conversation starter and a bonafide chick magnet. Women dig men who take the time to invest in themselves. Owning a blender not only demonstrates your appreciation for detail (getting that crushed ice just right for a cold drink), consideration (game night salsa for the chip bowl) and efficiency (protein shake before the gym — in seconds).
If you cook (single or taken), then chances are you’ll find a blender of some kind in your kitchen. If you don’t — you need help. It doesn’t matter if it’s hand-held or countertop, men need blenders.
He says
“What? You don’t have a blender?” asked my colleague. “Single guys don’t actually need one,” I replied meekly, regretting my words the second I said it. With that statement, I single-handedly managed to turn the otherwise peaceful colleague into a raging blender activist. While dodging questions on how I make my marinades, fresh juices, cold coffees and smoothies (and no, I do not make smoothies), I realised — men don’t need blenders.
Marinades are made in a big bowl with our hands, juices come from juice bars and cafeterias and cold coffees from coffee shops.
For those of us who are fitness freaks, our gyms have blenders to churn protein shakes. So, do single guys still require a blender? No. Besides, if our future wives need one, they bring theirs along with them.