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  • story 1
    Sunday Jun 16

    Market wizards

    Farhan Hasan spotlights five legends who have worked their magic in the world of forex trading and whose profits are calculated in millions

  • story 2
    Sunday Jun 16

    Forex vs equities

    A lack of awareness of the risks and rewards involved in forex trading has prevented it from becoming an alternative to investing in equities

  • story 3
    Sunday Jun 16

    Going pro in Dubai

    Farhan Hasan tells us how to pursue a career in trading

  • story 4
    Sunday Jun 16

    The $4 trillion question

    Sarmad Khan looks at why demand for forex trading will continue to grow

  • story 5
    Sunday Jun 16

    Renminbi rises as a global currency

    Business-savvy people in the UAE have become familiar with the yuan renminbi, which is expected to become fully convertible in the near future