GN Focus | Festive Shopping

  • story 1
    Thursday Dec 12

    Christmas turkey: A new look at an old bird

    Although traditional roast turkey rules festive tables across the city, some hotel chefs are putting a contemporary twist on things

  • story 2
    Thursday Dec 12

    New Year fun without the fog

    Add some sparkle to your holiday drinks while keeping the buzz at bay

  • story 3
    Thursday Dec 12

    10 tips to pull off the perfect Christmas party

    If you want to cook a stress-free meal, there’s one vital ingredient — preparing everything in advance

  • story 4
    Thursday Dec 12

    Now UAE expats can get Christmas delivered

    A locally made taste of home right to your doorstep

  • story 5
    Thursday Dec 12

    20 great gifts for Christmas

    Selecting presents for the family can be a nightmare during Christmas. Whether you’re shopping for your dad or mum, we have it all covered

  • story 6
    Thursday Dec 13

    The 12 traits of Christmas

    Do you have a nagging shrew for a wife or a mum who makes Hitler look tame? Features Writer Gareth Kurt Warren and Staff Writer Vanisha Pereira help you nail the ideal gift for all personality types

  • story 7
    Thursday Dec 13

    ’Tis the season to be online

    Now you can combine the joy of finding that perfect gift with the comfort of shopping from your own home

  • story 8
    Thursday Dec 13

    Avoid stress, spend less

    Panic shopping during Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not a solution, relax and enjoy the shopping experience says Ambareen Musa, CEO,

  • story 9
    Thursday Dec 13

    Christmas joy on a budget

    Going broke during the festive season every year? Look for frugal ways to cut back on costs

  • story 10
    Thursday Dec 13

    Wrap up a gift of hope

    This Christmas and New Year, buy a present that will not only bring joy but will also help a cause, says Specialist Writer Shalini Seth