GN Focus | Eat

  • story 1
    Thursday May 2

    The taste of Tamil Nadu

    We sample some Chettinad fare, among the most famous exports from the Indian state

  • story 2
    Thursday May 2

    Dining off the grid

    Supper clubs are trending once again, and the UAE’’s intrepid entrepreneurs are in on the secret

  • story 3
    Thursday May 2

    Is 'shmeat' the answer? In vitro meat could be the future of food

    Will lab-produced food rescue a growing population who cannot continue to be fed by conventional methods?

  • story 4
    Thursday May 2

    The Diabetic Diva and the Caveman on an impossible quest

    They may not agree on much, but they concur on one thing: You are what you eat. After a winter of indulgence, our intrepid foodies scour the city in search of lean meats, antioxidants and all things healthy. But is healthy also tasty?

  • story 5
    Thursday May 2

    How to make the perfect Waldorf salad

    Celebrity chef Rachael Ray shares her take on the classic salad

  • story 6
    Thursday May 2

    As Romans do

    At Le Lvgdvnvm, you don’t have to be either Roman or noble to eat like Roman nobility did in first-century Gaul. Specialist Writer Shalini Seth investigates

  • story 7
    Thursday May 2

    A crime most fowl

    If you’re going to have guests over, make sure you’re up to the task of feeding them

  • story 8
    Sunday Feb 10

    Soapbox sighs

    A television addict learns more than cooking from food shows

  • story 9
    Sunday Feb 10

    A carnival of taste

    With two new Brazilian restaurants opening in the new year, the emirate proves 2013 forecasts correct - Latin American cuisine is now a global trend

  • story 10
    Sunday Feb 10

    Chef’s take on steak

    Christopher Baker, Executive Chef, Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort, talks you through the steak eater’s guide to the very best meat