GN Focus | Eat

  • story 1
    Sunday Dec 1

    Gastronomy as therapy

    Enfant terrible Marco Pierre White talks about the mods and rockers, celebrity 
chef culture and why Michelin-starred restaurants are boring

  • story 2
    Sunday Dec 1

    The Diabetic Diva and the Caveman chase a unique Xmas

    From Arabian turkey to peaches stuffed with pistachios, the Diabetic Diva and the Caveman trail a multicultural Christmas when the festivities come knocking

  • story 3
    Sunday Dec 1

    Brunch and all that jazz

    Friday brunch is an institution in the UAE, but the groaning buffet that leaves you sick as a dog is very last night. In a bid to up the ante, the EAT team went in search of unusual brunches — and came away feeling very Jay Gatsby

  • story 4
    Sunday Dec 1

    Fatal fare

    From bacteria that make you sick for a few days to ones that may be lethal, here’s what your favourite foods may be hiding

  • story 5
    Sunday Dec 1

    Scent notes from 
the Michelin woman

    Anne-Sophie Pic rules the culinary world with her aromatic approach to food

  • story 6
    Sunday Dec 1

    Make like a MasterChef

    George Calombaris, the poster boy of the Australian kitchen, tells us how to turn out spectacular meals

  • story 7
    Thursday Jul 11

    Epicurean journeys

    Are you a habitual gastronome itching to get away this season? Why not give food holidays a shot?

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 11

    The Diabetic Diva and the Caveman on a festive quest

    Settling into Ramadan, the Diabetic Diva and the Caveman head out in search for the best iftar offerings in the city, trying exotic Arabian dishes and other international delights

  • story 9
    Thursday Jul 11

    The Nippon-Arabia fusion

    Never heard of Arabian sushi? That’s because a Dubai chef just invented it. EAT’s got the exclusive

  • story 10
    Thursday Jul 11

    Going hunting

    Sourcing gluten-free products in the UAE isn’t always easy