GN Focus | Eat

  • story 1
    Sunday Dec 1

    Game for more

    Are you tired of the traditional Christmas bird? EAT embarks on a 
quest to find creative and delicious alternatives for the festal table

  • story 2
    Sunday Dec 1

    Gastronomy as therapy

    Enfant terrible Marco Pierre White talks about the mods and rockers, celebrity 
chef culture and why Michelin-starred restaurants are boring

  • story 3
    Sunday Dec 1

    The Diabetic Diva and the Caveman chase a unique Xmas

    From Arabian turkey to peaches stuffed with pistachios, the Diabetic Diva and the Caveman trail a multicultural Christmas when the festivities come knocking

  • story 4
    Sunday Dec 1

    Brunch and all that jazz

    Friday brunch is an institution in the UAE, but the groaning buffet that leaves you sick as a dog is very last night. In a bid to up the ante, the EAT team went in search of unusual brunches — and came away feeling very Jay Gatsby

  • story 5
    Sunday Dec 1

    Fatal fare

    From bacteria that make you sick for a few days to ones that may be lethal, here’s what your favourite foods may be hiding

  • story 6
    Sunday Dec 1

    Scent notes from 
the Michelin woman

    Anne-Sophie Pic rules the culinary world with her aromatic approach to food

  • story 7
    Sunday Dec 1

    Make like a MasterChef

    George Calombaris, the poster boy of the Australian kitchen, tells us how to turn out spectacular meals

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 11

    Epicurean journeys

    Are you a habitual gastronome itching to get away this season? Why not give food holidays a shot?

  • story 9
    Thursday Jul 11

    The spice trail

    Cupcake diva and cookbook author Dalia Dogmoch Soubra offers a primer on Arabian spices this Ramadan

  • story 10
    Thursday Jul 11

    Sweet treats

    Usher in the festive season with these truly delectable gift items