GN Focus | Eat

  • story 1
    Wednesday Feb 12

    A scoop of Italian flavour in Dubai

    As 16 artisans from the city join the fight to make the World’s Best Gelato across eight cities in five continents, we track the trends on the iced dessert

  • story 2
    Wednesday Feb 12

    The gourmet take on alfresco eating

    The humble picnic is on the rise in Dubai, but it’s been given an upmarket spin

  • story 3
    Wednesday Feb 12

    Hungry for love on Valentine’s Day

    Avoid the restaurant rush and ignite passion this Valentine’s Day with these six all-natural foods

  • story 4
    Wednesday Feb 12

    Diabetic Diva and Caveman chew on Valentine’s

    The caveman and diva sampled some of Dubai’s mouthwatering multicultural fare

  • story 5
    Wednesday Feb 12

    UAE foodies set to dig into Food Festival

    This month and the next offer an exceptional showcase of everything from chilli-eating competitions and two-day-long barbecues to the very best of locally sourced food

  • story 6
    Wednesday Feb 12

    John Torode tucks into Dubai

    The celebrity judge talks MasterChef ahead 
of his visit to the Dubai Food Carnival

  • story 7
    Wednesday Feb 12

    Heart-healthy Valentine’s grub

    This week, just how do you boost passions? Let’s count the delicious ways

  • story 8
    Sunday Dec 1

    Defying food 

    It’s time we let go of the narrow gastronomic rules that bind us 
and embrace new epicurean pleasures instead

  • story 9
    Sunday Dec 1

    Much ado about stollen

    This rich fruit cake native to Germany may be tedious to prepare 
at home, but the results are completely worth the effort

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 1

    Game for more

    Are you tired of the traditional Christmas bird? EAT embarks on a 
quest to find creative and delicious alternatives for the festal table