GN Focus | Eat

  • story 1
    Thursday Jul 3

    Art on a plate

    Discerning diners will pay more for a salad that looks like a Kandinsky than 
for the same old grub tossed and served without imagination

  • story 2
    Thursday May 8

    Small bites, big reward

    The humble tapas has been made over to offer discerning diners a world of flavours

  • story 3
    Thursday May 8

    New beginnings

    With the Diabetic Diva on a sabbatical, the Caveman welcomes a few new friends on his peripatetic adventures, starting with the Omnivore

  • story 4
    Thursday May 8

    Dessert storm

    From orange blossom rice pudding to red bean doughnuts, Dubai is ushering in a new era of innovative desserts

  • story 5
    Thursday May 8

    Simple food, superior technique

    Michelin maestro Alfredo Russo takes Italian fare a notch higher with the less-is-more motto

  • story 6
    Thursday May 8

    Kitchen secrets from celebrity chef Kunal Kapur

    Family has inspired MasterChef Kunal Kapur’s career. Now, he wants to open a restaurant in Dubai

  • story 7
    Thursday May 8

    The world on a platter

    Our roster of the top meal deals in the UAE this season

  • story 8
    Thursday May 8

    Hungry but happy in Tanzania

    Time spent in an unknown place and in dire circumstances can be fulfilling if you know how to manage your food

  • story 9
    Thursday May 8

    Searching for desert truffles in the UAE

    May is probably your last chance to find the Middle East’s desert truffles, traditionally used by locals and high-end hotels

  • story 10
    Thursday May 8

    Reimagining Italian food

    Restaurants in Dubai are going all out to redefine Italian fare by marrying the traditional and contemporary