GN Focus | Diwali

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    Tuesday Oct 29

    Diwali: Bollywood loses its sparkle

    There never were very many memorable Diwali moments in film — it was at the box office and at the card tables that the festival really mattered. Not any more

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    Tuesday Oct 29

    Diwali: a festival for the taste buds

    Award-winning UAE-based Indian culinary author Vandana Jain shares some Diwali memories and yummy festive recipes with GN Focus

  • story 3
    Tuesday Oct 29

    Should you spend or save during Diwali?

    As the festival of lights ushers in a season of extreme consumption, Features Writers Chiranti Sengupta and Sanaya Pavri help you find the golden line between prudent investment and luxury splurging

  • story 4
    Tuesday Oct 29

    Diwali lighting up the world

    The Indian diaspora banish darkness in all four corners of the world