GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Thursday Nov 29

    How long before you hit rock bottom?

    It is easy to slip into a spiral of credit-card debt but applying common sense often shows the way out

  • story 2
    Monday May 28

    Practical plastic

    The prepaid cards market targets a range of segments from employees and travellers to homemakers and students, with various offerings

  • story 3
    Monday May 28

    Chips beat strips

    Chip-and-pin-enabled cards are fast elbowing out those only equipped with magnetic strips, and a UAE Central Bank stipulation is speeding up the process in a major way across the UAE

  • story 4
    Monday May 28

    A guide to credit card freebies

    Investments, financial aid and spending vouchers are some of the schemes that consumers are offered with their credit cards. From using them as merely a convenient way to pay for goods and services, shoppers are now looking to these products to provide added value

  • story 5
    Monday May 28

    Important considerations before buying

    For the sake of convenience and security, many UAE residents have adopted a credit card as the main method of purchase. Careful shopping of that all-important plastic could help you save a little bit extra too

  • story 6
    Monday May 28

    Build relationships, not programmes

    It takes more than a random discount to hold on to today's customers, who have innumerable options to choose from

  • story 7
    Monday May 28

    Continued innovation is just plane smart

    There is much room for improvement in the airline loyalty sector of today, particularly with competition from other programmes in the travel and financial sector

  • story 8
    Monday May 28

    Getting rewarded for being disloyal

    Companies worldwide have employed loyalty card schemes to attract and retain customers, but now the concept has been twisted by a few clever entrepreneurs, introducing disloyalty cards to encourage customers to discover different avenues instead of being loyal to any single one

  • story 9
    Monday May 28

    Kula bridges the 'use it or lose it' gap

    A new loyalty programme allows consumers to convert unused frequent flyer miles into cash for charities of their choice

  • story 10
    Monday May 28

    Charge straight past the debt trap

    As consumers seek to take control of their finances and stay out of debt, charge cards may be the ideal solution