GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Thursday Nov 29

    How long before you hit rock bottom?

    It is easy to slip into a spiral of credit-card debt but applying common sense often shows the way out

  • story 2
    Thursday Nov 29

    Loyalty: innovate or stay in the past

    While their roles require some redefining, customer retention schemes are far from becoming obsolete. The keyword for future success is utility — for a largely heterogeneous consumer base

  • story 3
    Thursday Nov 29

    Digital is the perfect platform

    Innovative programmes are proving to be the perfect channels for recent social, local and mobile marketing efforts and can even operate independently of smartphones

  • story 4
    Thursday Nov 29

    When not to use your debit card

    Despite their many advantages, debit cards can be quite risky. After all, they are a direct link to your account

  • story 5
    Thursday Nov 29

    The impossible tussle

    We interviewed plastic-proud professionals about their card of choice — debit or credit — and this is what they had to say

  • story 6
    Thursday Nov 29

    Soaring beyond free tickets

    Credit cards providers in the UAE are moving past traditional frequent flier programmes to offer value-added services on travel-related products, including discounts on holiday packages, duty-free rewards and insurance

  • story 7
    Thursday Nov 29

    Look ma, no hands!

    Contactless and mobile payments are making huge inroads in the UAE and will change the way people shop and spend. As banks, merchants and vendors plan their launches, users will have much to learn and like

  • story 8
    Thursday Nov 29

    When you become a partner in crime

    Pfishers don’t just ask for your credit card details to steal from you — with clever emails, they rope you in to help them steal from others. GN Focus explains the terms you need to know to avoid being conned

  • story 9
    Thursday Nov 29

    Plastic gives you wings

    From instant cards to those that point towards the qiblah, innovations have given birth to four million unique credit cards in the UAE market