GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Monday Nov 25

    We need to talk about bitcoin

    The crypto-currency has attracted its fair share of praise and problems. With lower payment processing fees,is bitcoin a threat to financial institutions or just another dot-com bubble?

  • story 2
    Thursday May 30

    Cardless cash

    Do innovations in mobile banking signal the beginning of the end for the credit card?

  • story 3
    Thursday May 30

    Talk to the card

    Payments with plastic are on the rise in
the UAE, driven by consumer confidence,
a focus on technology and enhanced security

  • story 4
    Thursday May 30

    The financial tsunami

    Get out of the rut of endless payments with these basic lessons in credit-card management

  • story 5
    Thursday May 30

    Loyalty goes social

    Social media can serve as a simple yet effective way of rewarding brand enthusiasts

  • story 6
    Thursday May 30

    Loyalty economics

    Are loyalty programmes 
a bubble set to burst?

  • story 7
    Thursday May 30

    Partners in innovation

    Loyalty programmes have long been known for the affiliations they keep. As the competition for loyal customers intensifies, strategic alliances are crucial

  • story 8
    Thursday May 30

    The celeb factor

    Are celebrity-sponsored credit cards worth the swipe? Features writer Sanaya Pavri explores the scope for such cards in the UAE

  • story 9
    Thursday May 30

    New-age transactions

    With chip- and PIN-enabled debit cards ensuring greater security and convenience,
the usage of debit cards has increased

  • story 10
    Thursday May 30

    Are card rewards really worth it?

    The benefits offered on credit cards could compensate for finance charges levied by the bank — but this can only work to your advantage if you pay your balance in full each month