GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Monday Nov 25

    The premium world in your wallet

    Today’s premium credit cards don’t just offer easy banking solutions and deliverance from carrying wads of cash — they promise a magic carpet ride of priceless experiences, discovers Features writer Sanaya Pavri

  • story 2
    Monday Nov 25

    Innovative credit card extravaganza

    Innovation and theme building mark the credit card industry’s effort to individualise plastic money for the ever-increasing number of card holders

  • story 3
    Monday Nov 25

    Credit cards that tug at the heart and wallet

    From Ferraris to Manchester United, new themed cards seek an emotional connection with sports fans, gamers and hobbyists

  • story 4
    Monday Nov 25

    Middle East payment industry: inside view

    An expert analysis of the region's payments industry and the challenges it faces

  • story 5
    Monday Nov 25

    Apps render plastic passé

    Smartphone programs can offer more personalisation, choice and convenience than traditional loyalty cards

  • story 6
    Monday Nov 25

    Don’t let debt bring you down

    Seven questions to ask yourself about plastic and your spending habits

  • story 7
    Monday Nov 25

    Your card details have been stolen — now what?

    It could happen to anyone. Here’s what to do after your credit-card details have been compromised or used for unauthorised transactions

  • story 8
    Monday Nov 25

    We need to talk about bitcoin

    The crypto-currency has attracted its fair share of praise and problems. With lower payment processing fees,is bitcoin a threat to financial institutions or just another dot-com bubble?

  • story 9
    Thursday May 30

    Is this the end of the cash era?

    Factors such as technology, flexibility, immediacy, security and savvy rewards are contributing to 
the growth of cards in the UAE

  • story 10
    Thursday May 30

    Spot the fraud

    Customers can never be too careful when using plastic, say experts