GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Monday Nov 25

    Smart data trumps big data for UAE credit-card providers

    Luxury service-providers and credit-card companies are learning its not just big but smart data that will keep high-net-worth customers loyal

  • story 2
    Monday Nov 25

    New cards on the block

    With unique rewards such as premium lifestyle services and top-notch security, the UAE’s latest debit and prepaid cards 
spell excellence

  • story 3
    Monday Nov 25

    The premium world in your wallet

    Today’s premium credit cards don’t just offer easy banking solutions and deliverance from carrying wads of cash — they promise a magic carpet ride of priceless experiences, discovers Features writer Sanaya Pavri

  • story 4
    Monday Nov 25

    Innovative credit card extravaganza

    Innovation and theme building mark the credit card industry’s effort to individualise plastic money for the ever-increasing number of card holders

  • story 5
    Monday Nov 25

    Credit cards that tug at the heart and wallet

    From Ferraris to Manchester United, new themed cards seek an emotional connection with sports fans, gamers and hobbyists

  • story 6
    Monday Nov 25

    Middle East payment industry: inside view

    An expert analysis of the region's payments industry and the challenges it faces

  • story 7
    Monday Nov 25

    Apps render plastic passé

    Smartphone programs can offer more personalisation, choice and convenience than traditional loyalty cards

  • story 8
    Monday Nov 25

    Don’t let debt bring you down

    Seven questions to ask yourself about plastic and your spending habits

  • story 9
    Monday Nov 25

    Your card details have been stolen — now what?

    It could happen to anyone. Here’s what to do after your credit-card details have been compromised or used for unauthorised transactions

  • story 10
    Monday Nov 25

    We need to talk about bitcoin

    The crypto-currency has attracted its fair share of praise and problems. With lower payment processing fees,is bitcoin a threat to financial institutions or just another dot-com bubble?