GN Focus | Credit, Debit and Loyalty Cards

  • story 1
    Tuesday Nov 18

    Contactless payment solutions come to town

    Are you using your smartphone to pay? As the device becomes ubiquitous, mobile payments have arrived

  • story 2
    Tuesday Nov 18

    Lending patterns set to change in the UAE

    Credit reports may result in the formulation of policies that are more focused on individuals rather than companies

  • story 3
    Tuesday Nov 18

    UAE banks begin credit checks

    Get ready to sign a consent form allowing UAE lenders to assess your credit history across financial institutions when applying for a new card or loan

  • story 4
    Wednesday May 28

    Towards digital unity

    A convergence of financial and government services in the Emirates ID means you may soon use it to authenticate transactions on multiple cards

  • story 5
    Wednesday May 28

    Shopping: coming soon to your mobile

    If credit-card majors have their way, your mobile device will become a hub of financial transactions

  • story 6
    Wednesday May 28

    The card of the future

    More and more credit-card companies are innovating to enhance customer experience, creating a multifunctional tool that goes beyond just payments in the process

  • story 7
    Wednesday May 28

    Are you more than a number to your bank?

    Filling up customer information forms is more than just a formality for banking institutions. It is an exercise that helps create usable credit ratings and better product matches, even as it helps to counter financial crime

  • story 8
    Wednesday May 28

    Five factors to consider while choosing a card

    Lending limits, interest rates and rewards should all figure in your due diligence when getting a credit card

  • story 9
    Wednesday May 28

    Trending this week: loyalty

    Corporate loyalty cards, rewards for social media interaction and using such programmes to track infectious diseases are among the highlights

  • story 10
    Wednesday May 28

    Debt trap shouldn’t kill you, say experts

    Take quick action and make a budget to stop your credit-card debt from spiralling out of control