GN Focus | Canada

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    Sunday Sep 22

    Welcome to the party

    Canadian cuisine comes to Dubai with a bang as the classic comfort food, poutine, woos the city

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    Sunday Sep 22

    Leading the way

    With a responsible tuition system, work-study options and grounded education, Canada is favoured by students worldwide

  • story 3
    Sunday Sep 22

    Steady as she grows

    While Canada has been resilient to the recession, its export-fuelled growth is now slow but consistent

  • story 4
    Sunday Sep 22

    High on energy

    Promising oil and gas reserves may catapult Canada to superpower status in the coming years

  • story 5
    Sunday Sep 22

    Back on track

    Having put their differences aside, UAE-Canada ties are now better than ever

  • story 6
    Sunday Sep 22

    Target: Innovation

    Drawing from Canada’s history of innovations, the UAE hopes to make the most of the upcoming Innovation Week

  • story 7
    Sunday Sep 22

    Food exports to the UAE set to grow

    Canada is among the largest exporters of agri-foods to the UAE

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 4

    An injection of expertise

    American health-care practices are regarded among the world’s best. They’re also helping shape the UAE industry