GN Focus | Back 2 School

  • story 1
    Thursday Aug 21

    The bullies you can’t see

    Cyberbullies are anonymous and difficult to trace. A survey of teenagers in the UAE found that 50 per cent have encountered online threats

  • story 2
    Thursday Aug 21

    Feeling the pinch of rising fees

    Parents sending their children into the new academic year could end up with lighter pockets as well as an emptier house during the day

  • story 3
    Thursday Aug 21

    Help them find themselves

    Children will need guidance on their first day at school, college or university. Here’s how to steer them through the transition

  • story 4
    Thursday Aug 21

    Get a degree, earn more for life

    Having a plan in place and encouraging your child to think about further education early on will give them the boost they need to succeed

  • story 5
    Thursday Aug 22

    Set your kids up for success

    A healthy morning meal is crucial to how your child performs in school. Here are some suggestions on how to make it interesting to fastidious kids

  • story 6
    Thursday Aug 22

    Don’t be quick to dismiss a slow child

    Some children develop and mature at a slower rate than others their age. Some others, who seem slow in specific activities, may just have learning disabilities

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 22

    Just one little jab

    Vaccinations are more than a shot in the arm – they are lifesavers

  • story 8
    Thursday Aug 22

    Are you ready for the new term?

    After a summer of no schedule, it can be tricky to get back into the habit of school. Here’s a checklist for parents who are preparing to return to the grind

  • story 9
    Thursday Aug 22

    Schools smarten up their act

    Smart technology will define your child’s schooling years, both inside and outside the classroom. GN Focus finds out how

  • story 10
    Thursday Aug 22

    How to make the best choice for your children

    Whether it’s the location, affordability or the curriculum, finding the perfect institution can be a daunting task for parents.