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  • story 1
    Tuesday Mar 18

    13 reasons why we love Al Aweer Used Car Mart

    Here's our handy guide that explains how and why the market in Ras Al Khor is a must-visit if you are looking to buy a vehicle, or not

  • story 2
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Need extra money? Refinance your car

    Refinancing has become a popular option for those in need of some extra money. Hina Navin explains its pros and cons

  • story 3
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Pick a car that suits your budget

    Hina Navin makes a list of things you should remember to avoid getting into a finance rut

  • story 4
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Understand the basics of financing your car

    From finding finance to preparing the documents you need, we take you through all the steps involved in buying a car

  • story 5
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Step-by-step guide to buying a new car

    When you decide to buy a new car, family and friends will overwhelm you with advice. Make the right choice by following our handy seven-step guide

  • story 6
    Tuesday Mar 18

    Car deals to watch out for

    Consumers looking to buy a new car have a wide array of options to pick from

  • story 7
    Tuesday Mar 18

    The ABCs of auto insurance

    GN Focus talks to experts about finding the best coverage for your car and avoiding costly loopholes

  • story 8
    Thursday Apr 11

    Industry in top gear

    Despite tighter regulations, sector estimates put the UAE auto finance market at Dh11.3 billion this year, marking a 13 per cent growth from last year

  • story 9
    Thursday Apr 11

    Second time around

    The vehicle you’re looking for isn’t exactly new, but it’s new to you. Here’s how to go about getting it

  • story 10
    Thursday Apr 11

    More business, more vehicles

    Financing fleet expansion can be a smooth process — with some preparation