GN Focus | Australia

  • Wednesday Oct 1



  • story 2
    Thursday Oct 24

    Fall and rise of Australia sport

    A nation climbs back from an alarming descent on and off the field that tarnished both brand and heritage

  • story 3
    Thursday Oct 24

    Australia: fun all year round

    Mark these dates, and profit from the right combination of music, art, food and nature

  • story 4
    Thursday Oct 24

    Australian culinary wizards eye the UAE

    As Australia launches a campaign to educate the world 
on its cuisine, GN Focus looks at how the nation’s food could 
soon be making inroads into the UAE

  • story 5
    Thursday Oct 24

    Dubai expat on landing a job in Australia

    An expat student explains her decision to go to university, and the difficulties of landing a job in Australia

  • story 6
    Thursday Oct 24

    Australia: education for success

    With strict regulations and major investments in R&D, Australia is the perfect choice for developing skill sets

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 24

    Turning degrees to dollars in Australia

    With the keywords being flexibility and big bucks, Australia can cater to both full-time students and those fitting learning around their lives

  • story 8
    Thursday Oct 24

    From Australia paddocks to UAE plates

    Lamb and beef export from Australia to the Middle East showed an 81 per cent increase 
year-on-year. GN Focus charts the life of meat 
from Australia’s farms to diners’ forks in the UAE

  • story 9
    Thursday Oct 24

    A hop ahead of 
the Kangaroo Route

    Game-changing civil aviation agreements between Australia and the UAE have ushered in a new era of air travel

  • story 10
    Thursday Oct 24

    Australia: positioned 
for prosperity

    Australia’s largest service export, tourism generates up to A$96 billion through international and domestic tourist spend combined and contributes A$41 billion in GDP