GN Focus | Air Conditioning

  • story 1
    Wednesday May 21

    The low-down on maintenance

    Keep your AC in check before the heat kicks in

  • story 2
    Wednesday May 21

    AC sector performance shows no signs of cooling

    A construction boom and tech advances make the GCC ripe to lead the AC market

  • story 3
    Wednesday May 21

    Parts and units explained

    GN Focus tackles the terminology to bring you all you need to know about airconditioning systems

  • story 4
    Wednesday May 21

    Protect your skin

    Air conditioning can harm the body. GN Focus looks at how to prevent long-term problems caused by constant AC use

  • story 5
    Wednesday May 21

    Recycling AC waste water

    UAE companies are turning to reusing air conditioner condensate to reduce the energy consumed by buildings

  • story 6
    Wednesday May 21

    Some like it cool

    AC manufacturers are redesigning units and adding new features to keep the air clean and the heat at bay

  • story 7
    Thursday May 23

    Is it a cool buy?

    If chosen wisely, a new air conditioner will result in more comfort, lower energy bills and better air quality. Veathika Jain offers a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for ACs

  • story 8
    Thursday May 23

    Air con artists

    GN Focus takes a look at some of the most prevalent air-conditioning myths in circulation

  • story 9
    Thursday May 23

    Industry tuned for growth

    A recovering property market and the delivery of new residential stocks contribute to the growth of the air-conditioning sector

  • story 10
    Thursday May 23

    Hidden hazards

    Air conditioners help us stay cool, but can they also trigger medical conditions?