GN Focus | Abu Dhabi

  • story 1
    Thursday Mar 27

    New shops add to Abu Dhabi’s allure

    Will the boom in the capital’s retail sector challenge Dubai’s claim of being the country’s preferred shopping hub?

  • story 2
    Thursday Mar 27

    How green is the emirate

    The UAE capital is looking at alternative sources to transform its energy mix by 2030. Arno Maierbrugger highlights some of the renewable and nuclear initiatives

  • story 3
    Thursday Mar 27

    Sustainability key to Abu Dhabi’s future

    As it broadens its economic base, the emirate is on a spending spree to develop its economy and infrastructure, while working on social amenities for its residents

  • story 4
    Thursday Mar 27

    Etihad’s equity alliance pays dividends

    Etihad’s growth strategy has caught the attention of the aviation world. But how long can the carrier sustain its own profits as well as its under-performing partners?

  • story 5
    Thursday Mar 27

    10 sky-high trends in Abu Dhabi property

    Iona Stanley explains how developments in Abu Dhabi will hit the emirate’s property buyers

  • story 6
    Thursday Mar 27

    Big lift ahead for building industry

    With more than $100 billion being spent on development projects, Abu Dhabi is set for a transformation

  • story 7
    Thursday Mar 27

    What’s Abu Dhabi’s personality?

    Experts say every city has a personality. The UAE’s capital claims a friendly demeanour with an assertive cultural character. Make friends with it

  • story 8
    Thursday Mar 27

    How Abu Dhabi is saving the dugong

    Abu Dhabi is leading efforts to protect the elusive marine mammal associated with mermaid legends. GN Focus explains what its decline means for the region's marine economy

  • story 9
    Thursday Mar 27

    Abu Dhabi speeds up events tourism plan

    After meeting the 2014 target for hotel guests last year, the emirate expects to reach the revised figure of 
3.1 million with a host of new initiatives

  • story 10
    Thursday Mar 27

    Abu Dhabi’s Dh100m link to its roots

    The UAE capital celebrates Emirati heritage with a host of events offering prizes worth millions of dirhams this year