The world and his friend have been trying to win cash on Radio 2 as our Title Twister continues. Lots and lots of emails have been coming in and plenty to try and grab our attention. We have had pictures of album covers, people writing please several hundred times or various smiley icons to try and grab our attention. It doesn’t work sadly as we pick it at random by a computer with the emotion of Dr Spock. Rob Van Eck was a winner and he gave all his winnings to the Pakistan Relief Fund which was a great effort.
Duckworth decided to slice his hand open last weekend but it did make for good radio as Sunday’s show was all about injuries. It’s good to know his pain and misery were not in vain. They talked celebrities as well, “What random autograph's have you acquired over the years?! Can it beat Daisy's amazing Gordon The Gopher's?!” If you don’t know who Gordon the Gopher is then that is more to do with showbiz being fickle than anything else.
Accalia is back from her holidays and spent most of the morning singing the praises of Sri Lanka. This promoted calls of delight from Sri Lankan listeners and no doubt the Sri Lankan tourist board.
One other strange event on air is Dave taking to the harmonica in a bid to improve the various classic hits we play. Let’s just say no record companies have been knocking down his door.