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Game Rekon’s Dropzone attracts gamers

More than a hundred gamers attended Game Rekon’s debut gaming event at Club West in Dubai Media City on Friday

Image Credit: Supplied
Gamers in action at Game Rekon's Dropzone, at Club West, Dubai, on Friday.

The web community, founded by Dubai resident Mohammad Khan last year, staged beat ‘em up tournaments and gave gamers the chance to try out early copies of Aliens Colonial Marines (and the chance to win ACM T-shirts), courtesy of regional distributors Red Entertainment.

Game Rekon relied on its website, social media and word of mouth to attract participants.

“Our biggest aim was zero-cost marketing,” said Khan, the group’s chairman and CEO. “Next year, we’ll spend more on marketing.

“I was happy with the support – we had backing from Dubai Anime Club, Abu Dhabi Anime Club, Club West, Red Entertainment, Kagenmi and Falcon Arena – and I was happy with the way things went, though I wanted to run a Counter-Strike tournament; the Counter-Strike PCs didn’t arrive.

“But we didn’t get any angry gamers, so we were happy.”

Alongside the gaming were a number of cosplayers dressed as Freddy Krueger, Jason of the Friday the 13th movies and game characters.

Game Rekon is now looking into the possibility of running weekly events.