Why a mobile edition?
The site has been launched to make it easy to view gulfnews.com on the move.

We have optimised our content for the small screen as well as stripping away many of the larger elements like pictures and graphics so  the site loads fast and efficiently.


How can I access the mobile edition?
If your mobile phone has a web browser, simply open it up and enter the url m.gulfnews.com This will open the optimised version of the site.

Your phone should automatically use a GPRS connection to find and load the site. If it doesn't then you may need to contact your mobile operator (which in the UAE are etisalat and du 

If you have a PDA phone with internet access and a normal html browser then you can choose to access either the mobile version or the normal www.gulfnews.com


Is the whole site on the mobile edition?
It would be difficult to put all of the gulfnews.com content onto the mobile version as it contains many large images, photo galleries and even audio.

What you will find are the key news sections including Latest News, Top Stories, Nation, Region, Gulf, Business and Sport sections.


How do I move around the site?
The home page will be a series of text links - simply highlight the link you want to see and click on the select button.

You can then scroll up and down the stories and choose the ones you wish to read. A link to the home page will be at the bottom of every page.


Can I give feedback?
Of course! www.gulfnews.com welcomes all kinds of reader feedback, whether it is positive or negative.You can also comment on current gulfnews.com stories, give us story tips or send a letter to the editor via your mobile phone if you like.

Text your comment to 6363 (etisalat phone)


How much does it cost?
The Gulf News mobile edition is free but you will have to accessing the internet using GPRS. This service is charged at varying rates. Please check with your telecoms provider for more details.


Don't forget to bookmark the Gulf News mobile edition on your phone after you have loaded it for the first time. This makes it easier to find in the future.