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My Entertainment: Neha Pandey Benjamin

Sheesha Nights’ singer Neha Pandey Benjamin talks rocking bands and homely comfort food

Neha Pandey Benjamin
Image Credit: Supplied picture
Neha's favourite album of time is Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Film & music

Favourite film of all time? No Country For Old Men
Favourite film seen in last month? Skyfall
Ultimate movie icon? Steve McQueen
Movie character you’d most like to play? Pocahontas
Favourite movie quote? “Luke, I am your father,” The Empire Strikes Back
Current favourite TV show? I’m too busy to watch TV
First record you ever bought? Dangerous, Michael Jackson
Last song downloaded? She Wolf, David Guetta
Favourite band? Too many but a few are Muse, INXS, David Bowie, Peaches, Goldfrapp, Bat For Lashes
Song to be played at your funeral? Back to Black, Amy Winehouse
Best album of all time? Thriller, Michael Jackson
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Belly Dancer, Sheesha Nights


Favourite designer? Gucci, Prada, Missoni, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford
Favourite fashion capital? Dubai, of course
Favourite restaurant in the UAE?  I am Indian so for me comfort foods are things like a hearty paratha from Paratha King
And what dish do you always order there? Aloo paratha and gobhi paratha
Last book read? And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie
Last thing you bought? Jalabiya 
Favourite holiday destination? I really love Istanbul and Australia
Favourite hotel (anywhere in world)? The Chedi, Muscat, or Chateau Marmont, California
Best website?
Favourite celebrity hottie? Brad Pitt
Best UAE hangout? JBR or Fujairah
Personal motto? Never say goodbye
Describe yourself in three words? Creative, passionate, mother
Word or phrase you most say? “What the earth!”
Your signature cooking dish? Indian paneer dishes and I do a mean chickpea curry