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My Entertainment: Dubai designer Buffi Jashanmal

Dubai’s designer-gone-global and Project Runway contestant, Buffi Jashanmal, talks life in the Big Apple and old school R’n’B

Buffi Jashanmal
Image Credit: Supplied picture
Buffi describes herself as "fun, honest, sentimental."

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Music and film

Favourite film of all time? Coming to America
Favourite film seen in last month? Went to premiere of For A Good Time Call.... It was brilliant!
Ultimate movie icon? I don’t have a movie icon, is that bad?
Movie character you’d most like to play? Madeline in Death Becomes Her
Favourite movie quote? “I like the kid, I don’t like the guy with the hair helmet”, Back To The Beach
Favourite movie snack? Popcorn, half sweet, half salted
Current favourite TV show? The Mindy Project
First record you ever bought? Bad, Michael Jackson
Last song downloaded? TLC, blast from the past!
Favourite band? Oh, I don’t know, maybe The Cranberries
Song to be played at your funeral? It would have to be something super fun and upbeat, something to make everyone laugh.
Best album of all time? Thriller, Michael Jackson
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Starships, Nicky Minaj

Favourite fashion capital? New York
Favourite restaurant in the UAE? Haven’t been in Dubai for a year, so I’m not sure now!
Last book read? Read the first and second Hunger Games and I’m on the third one now
Last thing you bought? Storage boxes from Home Depot for my new studio
Favourite holiday destination? Ibiza
Best website?
Favourite celebrity hottie? Justin Long
Personal motto? Stolen from Nike, ‘Just Do It’, you can apply it to anything and it’s just so motivating
Describe yourself in three words? Fun, honest, sentimental
Word or phrase you most say? “Out of control amazin’”
Your signature cooking dish? | I’m a single girl in NYC, so I live on frozen veg and grilled chicken from the deli