Yara Sabri2 RH

One-woman play in Arabic looks at Syria’s troubled history through the eyes of a mother

Putting inhibitions aside

A performance that turns the audience into performers on the streets of Abu Dhabi

V-E Day, Piccadilly Circus, 1945

Eighty years after he fled Vienna for London, Wolfgang Suschitzky talks about shooting the past — and the debt he owes to his sister


tab al beyonce

The halftime show - seen by an estimated 112 million people - is drawing praise from her fans and consternation from critics

tab_160209 sofia coppola

Academy Award winner is working on a new production of Giuseppe Verdi’s romantic tragedy ‘La Traviata’

tab_160209 Rhea and Sonam Kapoor

The Bollywood actress talks about her sibling’s experience as a Bollywood producer and the discrimination she faced


tab_160209  TV-CBS The Good Wife

Robert and Michelle King aren’t saying no to a possible spinoff

tab_Brooklyn film stills

The conservative yet kind-hearted boarding house manager Mrs Keogh would take centre stage in small-screen adaptation of acclaimed period drama

tab_New Top Gear host Matt LeBlanc, host Chris Evans, and The Stig (c) TopGe...

‘Friends’ star will likely play the down-to-earth guy that will temper Chris Evans’s loose cannon