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A celebration of the Greek vision of perfection also tracks the growth of realism, the use of paint and decoration, and the role of women

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Award-winning icon will perform the Indian classical dance form in the UAE

The Kiswa New Cloth  - Saudi Arabia 1995

The dark side of rock’n’roll drove Peter Sanders to the pursuit of a higher goal, and he found it in Islam. His photographs of mosques and Muslim communities across the world have a message for all



The first-ever Arab Indo Bollywood Awards brings some of India’s biggest and brightest to Dubai

TAB_150530 Steve Martin

Hollywood actor will be honoured with the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award

TAB_150530 Lady Gaga

Pop singer announces she is starting fashion line for puppies


TWT 150530 HOT king

He was the man who helped make stars of Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil McGraw and Rachael Ray

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Joe Stewart’s last show will be on August 6 after hosting for 16 years

TAB_150528 David Duchovny

Reading the script for the new series was ‘nice and strangely emotional’