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Learn a new language, watch funny videos or consider going above and beyond at your job

 Caseworker Stephanie Taveras

New research suggests intervening early can boost the words at-risk tots hear, and influence some school-readiness factors

TAB_170217 RH Dubai Opera.JPG

The Opera Trilogy will run throughout the first half of September

wkr P05 nata pratha 2

Nata Pratha, a centuries-old custom where women leave their families to live with new partners, is creating a generation of abandoned children

wkr P04 hospital built by Pancholia

Menar, a small village in Rajasthan known for its talented cooks, has been transformed by the generosity of an Indian expatriate in Dubai

WKR Egypt design 6 Crossing town  Photo Block B Furniture

Designers are cashing in on a growing interest among city dwellers in creating their own furniture