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TAB_161208 The Nutcracker on Ice.JPG

An enchanting fairy tale with a sense of humour and some acrobatics

Junaid Jamshed

Fans, celebrities mourn singer-turned-preacher and pay homage to his work as artist, religious leader

NAT ART Final Maisoon

Murals to be displayed on the buildings lining the road as part of the Dubai Street Museum project

Kathakali Kopp00004

Ramankutty Kothavil, the sole surviving practitioner of the art of making ‘koppu’, considers it his duty to keep the tradition alive

KHJ27 Khaled Jarrar 'Hunger Wall' 6 minutes 47 seconds Video 2014

Khaled Jarrar’s show highlights the impermanent nature of politically imposed boundaries, which can be redrawn or demolished

Copy of 030236-01-08

The institution explores the concept of design from the points of view of the user, the maker, as well as the designer