Children learning at a play school in Dubai -

When is the right age for children to start going to school? Experts share their views

Education News

Flu incidents

Most children get infections from September to April

Government officials attend two-day training programme held by Emirates Diplomatic Academy

School Bus

Includes infrared motion detectors and sensors to count number of students boarding vehicle

Ensuring hygiene

Inspections across eateries in Abu Dhabi conducted to maintain students’ safety

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wkr_150828_features_p03 Anne Krueger (2004)

Anne Krueger reached the top of the IMF and the World Bank and has long argued that it sometimes pays to write off a nation’s debt

Copy of 20150807-AMX-CUBA-WIFI7

Cuban government’s move to increase internet usage in the country is a blessing for many, but it has also spawned black market of sorts


Drug-resistant bacteria can remain present on hospital equipment even after thorough cleaning and may be passed on to other patients

Rex Features Prolific career In 1905, Wallace decided to write crime fiction as he was sure its succ

The creator of one the best-known scenes in cinema was also the most widely read author once. So why is he so little known?

Zuckerberg-facebook post

Social media is blurring the lines between what people can post about their personal matters and what they can’t

A critique of capitalism is shrill at times but his analysis of the forces reshaping the world economy merits serious consideration