Children learning at a play school in Dubai -

When is the right age for children to start going to school? Experts share their views

Education News

NAT Ali Payani2

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence allow patients to manage respiratory ailments better


Replica tree created with names of all students and teachers

Dr Salvatore Costantino

Catania University dean visits universities for partnerships in agriculture and food security


Indian prime minister Modi a fan of Dubai-based family’s decades-long yoga habit

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Robert Del Naja

Goldie, a well-known DJ, accidentally revealed in an interview who the elusive graffiti artist might be

Harry Potter 33

As the first ‘Harry Potter’ book, ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, turns twenty, here’s a look at some trivia

Ron and the Deluminator

celebrate 20 years of ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ by going down HP fan fiction rabbit hole

Farming in Ghana.

Almost half of the working population are involved in agriculture, and just over half of Ghana’s land is used for farming

glass art a

Artisans banned from burning coal and forced to use costly gas to fuel their furnaces instead

TAB 170625 RH snow white

A mix of UAE and UK actors to take the stage come December