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Children learning at a play school in Dubai -

When is the right age for children to start going to school? Experts share their views

Education News


Mohammad Bin Rashid University’s class of 2023 undertake the Hippocratic Oath


Dh1.8m committed through Education Cannot Wait programme

NAT_170918 Scholars Program_AA

24 students have been selected as Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Scholars by a distinguished panel of judges

Chinese tourists in Dubai Mall in Dubai.

Dubai school partners with Chinese Language Institute for extra lessons

Other news

Copy of 2017-09-12T152025Z_250413918_RC1EE37EC530_RTRMADP_3_GLOBAL-ENVIORNMENT

New studies reveal that tiny plastic fibres are everywhere, not just in our oceans but on land too

A butterfly lands on a flower during winter time at Safa Park in Dubai.

New gene-editing technique now makes it easier to figure out what a gene does by deleting it and seeing what happens


American conductor Justin Freer, who has made a career out of this ambitious art form, explains how it all came to be

dastangoi-Pic 2

Performance to showcase an ancient art of leading an audience into a tale through spoken word

TAB 170926_RH woman in black 4

People like to be scared, says Payton, and he may just have the formula

Shakespeare at the Junction

95-minute all-women show ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’ aims to run through the Bard’s portfolio