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Parents are asking whether it kills children’s natural curiosity and willingness to learn, and therefore should they have it at all


Children learning at a play school in Dubai -

When is the right age for children to start going to school? Experts share their views

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Grade 12 examinations

More than 33,300 will sit for Grade 12 final assessments in UAE

NAT 160528 CBSE

Several Indian schools in the UAE have achieved 100 per cent pass rates at the CBSE class 10 results

 Siddhartha Basu

India’s famous quizmaster and founder of the ‘Quiz Time’ TV show, Siddhartha Basu, visits Delhi Private School on Saturday


Fourth-place winner in UAE is inspired by UAE Vice-President

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RDS_160525 GNBookClub Easy

The book ‘stresses on being self-reliant’


Moyes has a lot riding on the film version of her novel Me Before You: She wrote the screenplay, too

RDS_160525 GNBookClub Chaos of the Senses

The book drew the reader ‘into the storyline’

RDS_160525 GNBookClub The Perfect Mentor

‘This story had a spiritual effect on me’


This book is ‘happiness redefined up until the last word’, says reader

Enver Hoxha

Hoxha proclaimed Albania the world’s first atheist state and oversaw much economic progress, but adopted the practices of autocracy