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Al Mutawaa holds all the secrets to Al Ain's history


He was the pre-eminent scientist of his time and yet today, outside Latin America and Alexander von Humboldt’s native Germany, his name has receded into near oblivion

Sanchit M F Husain-Untitled-24in x 20in-(61cm x 50.8cm)-Oil on Canvas-2003

An exhibition features works by leading artists as well as legends such as M.F. Hussain, and themes that have a global appeal

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Matt Damon may be quite outspoken, but he bores the paparazzi. The ultimate everyman talks ‘The Martian’ and Robin Williams

Tammam Azzam’s artwork displayed at Dismaland

Mohannad Orabi’s works lie rooted in his own past as he explores how visual culture, social media, digital communication have replaced what was once tangible

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China’s one-child policy led to my adoption — it also opened incredible opportunities for me