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The bright light was seen breaking off into small parts — but still moving in parallel. Residents po

Space tracking sites suggest Russian satellite re-entered atmosphere at same time object was seen in Dubai

NSO at Emirates Palace

‘A Night at the Symphony’ will feature some of the most inspiring orchestral music ever written

Professional bodybuilder Khundrakpam Pradip Kumar

With sheer determination, Pradipkumar Singh started a career in bodybuilding and went on to win Mr Manipur, Mr India and Mr South Asia titles


The distorted faces in Amir Khojasteh’s abstract portraits speak about the flaws of powerful leaders while Philip Mueller chooses to ignore the shortcomings of people

A painting by Sarvenaz Farsian

An exhibition at XVA gallery questions how a woman’s worth is judged in contemporary society

Mohannad Orabi, Untitled, acrylic on canvas

A new body of work by Mohannad Orabi conveys a message of hope for the future