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The work by legendary choreographer George Balanchine has joined the repertoire of many companies worldwide since it was created in 1967


Farmer of 106.5kg branch of dates takes home the first of the 233 prizes

Gazbia Sirry, Untitled (Houses), n.d., Oil on canvas, 38.5 x 60.5 cm. Courtesy of Green Art Gallery

An exhibition at the Green Art Gallery highlights the evolution of the history of modern Egypt through the voices of women who participated in and witnessed the changes in the country

wkr Vittorio Santoro_Good-Bye Darkness, V

Nine artists from around the world find their own formulas for grasping intangible feelings and ideas

wkr_features_p04 05 (Fig 6)

Leading designer and typographer, Mourad Boutros talks about bilingual fonts, his thoughts about the industry he has been a part of over the last 40 years and dream projects

wkr_features_p04 05 book jacket

Mourad Boutros’s Arabic for Designers is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the history of Arabic calligraphy and typography