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Bahrisons Booksellers was set-up in 1953 - Photo Credit - NILIMA PATHAK

Founded in 1953, Bahrisons is the favourite haunt of politicians, diplomats, journalists and writers


100-year-old tattoo artist Whang Od transforms remote mountain village into a haven for tourists

wkr Venezuela_Crisis_45137.jpg

The government is too authoritarian to coexist with democratic institutions, but too weak to abolish them without risking collapse

1st winner 2016

The National Geographic photography competition is looking to showcase slices of Arab life

A farmer carries cocoa pods at a cocoa farm in Agboville, Ivory Coast

Sparks fear of civil war in West Africa


Long famous for its food, finance and shopping, the city is eager to broaden its image with the opening of M+, a museum of visual culture, in late 2019