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Better get tablet enabled if you don’t want to miss out

Will sit at the centre of the media revolution

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If you are not tablet-enabled, chances are you sitting out the next media revolution. Or not being a part of the “media quartet”, which is the convergence brought about by smartphones, portals, print and tablets.

The media quartet lives in perfect harmony; users manage to use each platform according to their time and necessity. It is a completely new experience in consuming news.

Twitter has changed the way news travels and print and websites are no more the first with the information. Newspapers are getting to use the platform as a key adjunct to print.

The future is about networked platforms with storytelling as the protagonist. The tablet allows a complete new experience for readers — it’s designed for the eyes, the brain and the fingers.

The navigation is dynamic — the flipboard navigator and swiping versus scrolling are characteristics that make tablets interesting and different.

In the morning, relative readerships across all three platforms ramp up quickly. In the afternoon, people consume the greatest share of online news during the day. At night tablet readers are more active and the sofa is the best place to do so.

Newspapers are updating the tablet edition according to reader habits. Some publications combine the print edition with tablet using icons to indicate the updated version.

Long-form journalism

The long narrative can be an option for the tablet. It encourages long-form journalism.

Advertising on a tablet is an effective experience. Many possibilities are there, but one that, according to Dr. Mario Garcia, is not completely explored by advertisers. Still there are a plenty that are a copy of the print ad.

There are 85 million iPads in the market as of today. By 2015, it will soar to more than 165 million. Then there are the 125 million tablets from the other vendors.

Revenue generation is possible by a combination of effective advertising and subscriptions.


Tricking a thief into returning the stolen goods

Nadal Nirenberg of Brooklyn lost his phone in a cab at 4am on New Year’s Eve. The next day, Nirinberg saw that whoever grabbed it was using his OK Cupid profile (linked to his iPhone) to look for dates. So he set up a decoy OKC profile.

The mark took the bait and connected with: “U wanna meet?”

They made plans to meet up at Nirenberg’s place. The thief arrived and Nirenberg confronted the man, took his phone back, gave him $20 and ran back into the apartment.

(Source: Jezebel)

Yahoo goes for a redesign

Yahoo appears to be rolling out the newest version of its redesigned homepage across several browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

It has been working on a new homepage look, designed to improve its declining usage. The design is cleaner with a more touchscreen tablet approach, new icons, and a scrolling news feature. With a more mobile feel, it’s slightly different than previous new versions that Yahoo had been testing in recent months.

(Source: All Things)