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UAE salons caught inflating prices will be fined

Ninety retailers fined for breaching consumer law

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The Ministry of Economy has launched a campaign aimed at combating overcharging atsalons and tailorshops during Ramadan and Eid. Picture for illustrative purposes only.
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Dubai: Undercover inspectors will be visiting hair salons and tailors across the UAE to ensure that they do not increase prices in the run-up to Eid, the Ministry of Economy announced on Monday.

Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, director of the Consumer Protection Department in the Ministry of Economy, said the ministry is launching a campaign aimed at stopping hairdressers and tailors across the UAE from increasing prices. Tailors and salon owners who violate the consumer law face fines of up to Dh100,000. He said that many salon owners and tailors look to make big profits during Eid by doubling their prices.

“Women staff from the Ministry of Economy will visit these hair salons to check if they abide by the consumer law and stick to the list of prices approved by the ministry,” he said.

“While many salon owners and tailors across the UAE are struggling to make a big profit at Eid, the ministry’s campaign to prohibit hairdressers and tailors across UAE to increase their prices during Eid.”

Repeated violation

“Those who violate the consumer law will receive strict penalties and fines ranging from Dh500 to Dh100,000,” he said. “ However, repeated violations would lead to closure of shops.”

He has warned businesses against profiteering during Eid.

Al Nuaimi said the government aims to step up its drive against violators and will not be lenient in combating the unexplained price increase because it affects family budgets.

“This campaign is not to beat the illegal practice but to alert both business owners as well as consumers of their rights and duties.”

Last year, the Ministry of Economy modified certain articles of the federal consumer protection law by introducing tough penalties to deter monopoly practices and price manipulation.

He urged consumers not to be hesitant to contact the ministry directly or any economic department across the different emirates to file a complaint against retailers who follow illegal practices. “ It is necessary as a consumer to know that your rights are secured by all the laws and regulations of the UAE.”



Consumers can report price violations to the ministry via the hotline 600 522225. They need to produce an invoice from the concerned hairstylist or tailor when required.


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