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Private sector should engage in Expo 2020 bid

Business communities should mobilise to generate bigger support for the expo

Image Credit: WAM
An artist’s impression of the venue that will host Expo 2020.
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Dubai: The business community has a key role in generating support for the Dubai Expo 2020 bid, Reem Al Hashemi, UAE Minister of State and the Committee’s Managing Director of Expo 2020, said on Monday.

Reem stressed the need for public and private sector partnerships as part of the Expo 2020 bid. She called on the business community to take part.

“To win the bid for hosting Expo 2020 in Dubai we need support from the public and private sectors,” she said. “Mixing our cases makes it even stronger and better.”

“No matter what the business is or its size, what is important is mobilising the business communities to generate support.”

“Working together with government bodies, the community and the private sector, we will continue to strengthen our shared effort to welcome the world in 2020,” she added.

She said private sector efforts to spread awareness about Expo 2020 and the value of engagement among people in the UAE would be considered a great assistance.

“Just talking about the event and make it common everywhere is enough to add more credit to our dossier in the bid.”

She noted that a winning bid will have a ripple effect across all business sectors.

“There is a big enough pie for everyone, no matter what business you are in.”

Hisham Al Shirawi, the Vice-Chairman of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Chairman of Economic Zones World, suggested a better coordination and communication between the private and public sector to enhance the Expo bid.

“The private sector can be engaged in promoting the campaign internally through, for example, the adoption of Expo collaterals such as links and logos, and via newsletters and social media updates. But first they should register online through the Expo website to be a legitimate process.”

Hamad Buamim, Director General of Dubai Chamber, said that it is the moral responsibility of the business community to support this national campaign which will bring business and promote growth in the country.

“The Dubai Chamber is utilising all its resources through its local, regional and global network of stakeholders and associates to generate support for the bid while also highlighting the competitive advantages enjoyed

by the business community in Dubai,” he said.