Caracal to export UAE-made guns to US

Small arms manufacturer has received certificates of approval from three EU authorities

Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Caracal International, the UAE's first small-arms manufacturer, received an export licence from the US on January 15, which will enable it to ship its products to the United States, a senior official said on Monday.

Saeed Ali Al Shamsi, commercial director for Caracal International, said this achievement is a milestone in Caracal's strategic plan that was announced during its launch in Idex 2007.

"This has brought Caracal closer to the goal of selling there products internationally."

He added this approval falls in line with the business strategy of a soft entry to the US market before the end of 2009.

"Initially, Caracal management has prioritised selling to our market area - the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council). Currently, we are in discussions with our neighbouring countries about using the Caracal pistol as their service weapon. We are confident of securing these contracts shortly," Al Shamsi said.

Caracal pistols, Al Shamsi said, have been awarded certificates of approval from three testing authorities in the European Union (EU). "This further complements the unique patented designs of the pistols. It is due to these innovative features that we are confidant in the future of Caracal," he added.

"We look forward to the challenge of competing in an industry that has not seen a new small arms manufacturer in approximately 15 years.

"It will take a strong marketing campaign to complement the innovative design of the caracal pistols. The end-user acquires a high-quality system at a reasonable price. With both, we can achieve a decent global market share."

Hamad Khalifa Al Neyadi, managing director of Caracal International added: "In 2007, we launched Caracal to the world, in 2009 we are reaffirming that Caracal is on track with its strategic plan. Investing in industry not to only supply the UAE and GCC, but to supply a global market with highest quality products manufactured in the UAE."

Caracal will utilise Idex 2009 to further gain the opportunity to launch the new Caracal SC pistol in to the military and law enforcement agencies around the world.

Officials said Idex is the most appropriate time to set follow up meetings and demonstrations with different Armed Forces from visiting countries.