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YallaBanana eyes regional presence is the latest in the growing number of group-buying platforms that are active in the local online marketplace

  • By Aya Lowe, Staff Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 June 2, 2011
  • Gulf News

Dubai: is the latest in the growing number of group-buying platforms that are active in the local online marketplace.

The website, which was created by UAE-based Turret Media, has launched individual sites for Abu Dhabi and Dubai ahead of a regional rollout. According to David Westley, general manager of Turret Digital and the organiser of Taste of Dubai, has already built up an active user base of over 300,000 users in the UAE.

The website works as a marketing tool for merchants who draw in a customer base through high discounts on daily offers. Like other group-buying websites such as GoNabit!, Groupon and Cobone, customers who sign up are offered daily deals for UAE-based restaurants, spas and activities with a minimum of 50 per cent off on the listed rate.

Seven segments

To help merchants target potential consumers more successfully,'s website features seven tabs; food and drink, health and beauty, entertainment, shopping, family, travel and tourism, and business.

"With the tabs we have, we aim to be able to target our deals to those that want them," said Westley. "Customers interested in spas will see those more often, those interested in food and drink deals will see more of those." will actively build up a profile of each user based on the choices they make and from their expressed preferences, and deliver deals based on that preference.

"As the site develops, and the more deals we have and the more users buy them, so it will learn what kinds of deals you like," he added.

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