What: Breakfast with Kenny & Accalia
When: Weekdays (6-10am)
Congrats to Eric Mateo who is 10,000 richer for his awesome Breakfast with Kenny & Accalia trailer!
Eric’s video will be played on the plasma screens in Vox Cinema foyers for the next few weeks!
 The world in one show is a big promise and one we realistically can’t live up to but we will try.
Kenny Jones a native of Ohio USA has worked breakfast in 4 countries in 2 different continents. He is a man armed with a dry wit and the panther like reactions when operating a mixing desk. He has worked for the biggest stations. Clear Channel in the states and is leaving the biggest English language breakfast show in India to come to Radio 2.
Accalia has worked for the BBC, Heart and LBC in the UK. She transferred her skills to the UAE and proved quickly that she is a natural communicator to the many nationalities based in here in the Middle East. She transfers from her popular morning show to join Kenny at breakfast
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Featuring these reoccurring features in no particular order:
6:10 do it again
At 6:10 we repeat the highlights of the previous days show.
 Who knows?
Got a query comment or question. We can work it out for you. Just call us.
We will have these weekly features once every 7 days
Wednesday - The Box Office
Thursday Therapy - Get it off your chest.
At 6:10 we repeat the highlights of the previous days show.
If we run short on ideas we roll the topic tombola and pick some random ones from the list of 50 below.
Pet hates
Strange habits
Weird addictions
Ambitions you had as a kid
Things your kids have said that have got you in trouble
Things your pet has eaten
The way you talk to your pet or child
Things your husband wife does that reverse the roles
Cheats you have got away with.
Life’s simple pleasures
Biggest thing you have nearly won
Money saving tips in credit crunch
Best decade and why
Job you have done that you are not qualified for
Longest time you have left something before doing it. DYI jobs etc
Everyday things you have never done. Like ride a bike
Signs of the UAE
How big is your carbon footprint?
Rubbish awards
What's in you handbag/man drawer
Strange ways of eating food
Things that happen at the completely the wrong time
Partners pet names
Things you believed as a kid.
Things aren’t what they used to be. What do you consider was better in the old days?
Strange injuries
Rubbish awards you have won.
Music you were conceived to.
Most embarrassing place you’ve ever vomited/farted.
Words that sound rude but are not…futtock etc
Is it acceptable for men to cry (ask the women) and if you do, or your husband does etc . Why and at what?
Relationship revenge stories.
What did you want to be when you grew up? and what you actually do now.
First car, first record, first date/kiss, first job etc first anything really.
Items that you would not buy 2nd hand…
How your phone/technology has got you in trouble.
Embarrassed in front of your parents how and why.
Stories of extreme meanness
Worlds biggest exaggeration.
If real life was like a cartoon.
The person in the car next to me is……..
What should be banned?
Pet names
Things your kids have said that have got you in trouble.
Rubbish showbiz souvenirs.
Lies you have told your kids.
Old enough to know better.
It wasn’t better in the old days.
Embarrassing tributes to your idols.