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Bounced cheque

  • Published: 19:13 May 10, 2012


I was issued a cheque for Dh100,000 that bounced. I filed a complaint with Dubai Police, but there was no action for months. I approached the Criminal Investigation Department, who arrested him. A few days later they informed me he was released on bail. What do I do now? I want to at least recover the value of the cheque. I have been pursuing this matter since April with no results.

The questioner should have followed up on his complaint against the cheque issuer with the Public Prosecution as it may have referred the accused to the criminal court. The Public Prosecution is not under a legal obligation to inform the victim about the status of the case or the date of referring it to the competent court. Therefore, I advise the questioner to approach the Public Prosecution as well as the competent court to check the status of the case. If the accused was referred to the criminal court, the questioner can approach the court for relief, or he can file a case before the civil court if the criminal court has already heard the case.



Questions answered by Advocate Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.