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Boggi brings Italy to Dubai

Carlo Zaccardi
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Carlo Zaccardi

Italian menswear brand Boggi recently opened its 14th store in the Middle East at The Dubai Mall. The Directory caught up with CEO Carlo Zaccardi to talk fashion trends, Dubai and what he's bringing to the increasingly competitive market menswear segment.

Why did you decide to come to the UAE?

We already have 13 stores in the Middle East and in a way Dubai has chosen Boggi actually. When Wasim Daher, the owner of Azadea Group, came to visit us telling us to come see Dubai and think about expanding to the city, we immediately said yes to him and what we saw pleased us.

What are you bringing to the market that we don't already have?

We brought our capacity to sell goods that boast of reasonable prices coupled with excellent quality. Due to this, Boggi is doing immensely well in the region.

Any special in-store offers?

We have a special section dedicated to "made to measure". If someone would like something special to be made, we can tailor-make it for them within a month, sometimes even less.

How would you describe the Boggi style?

The Boggi style is a collection of assorted pieces that cater to the modern man, and can be sported at different times of the day. Boggi has something for a serious work day, moving to a relaxed evening spent socialising. The diversity of the collection also includes stylish tuxedos that can be worn by today's man during any special event. It is also amazing that a huge amount of our tuxedos are sold in Dubai.

How many designers work for the label?

A team of ten people design for the brand and are managed by my brother Claudio.

What is your target demographic?

The target demographic is basically men, between the ages of 25-50, who are fashion forward and fashion conscious and are looking for diverse type of outfits to meet the needs of their day.

What are your price points? How do you decide on your price points?

We base our prices on the pricing in our stores in Italy, so as to be uniform worldwide. However, the positioning of Boggi is of a premium not luxury brand, the price target aims to fit the requirements of the core and not a certain segment of the market. Having said that, I would like to stress that despite this, we don't compromise on quality or the ambiance of our stores. We keep prices in line with what the core consumption is. Since our target age ranges from 25-50, we could be catering to young men who have just stepped into their first jobs and are just starting a career or an established person. We try to merge the different type of targets, and never compromise on the level of exclusivity and service, but always keep prices to fit the target.

How many brand extensions do you have?

We carry accessories and fragrances, shoes and leather items as well. In fact, one of our most popular and extremely saleable items have been the little breast pocket handkerchiefs. It is the little things and details that make the outfit special and complete.

Menswear is a growing market globally. Has this had any effect on your business and expansion plans?

Menswear is a growing market, but we also have to keep in mind market changes that are happening because of recession. Everyone is worried about this and our strategy for expansion is that we continue how we are doing and keep in mind the pricing, as that is the most important factor in the success of a brand nowadays.

How would you say the men's market has evolved over the years in your experience?

It has changed a lot and Boggi keeps up with the change. In fact, we ourselves wear everything we try to sell. We go by the belief that being formal doesn't mean being old. Formal wear these days can be so diverse and we also offer our customers different lines, sometimes more casual, with different materials and designs. As always, the quality of materials is the most important and we use a lot of Italian fabrics.

What are your top looks for spring-summer 2012?

I think the top and most versatile look in my opinion is the blazer. You can pair it with white jeans or grey trousers, regardless of what you wear your blazer with, it completes the look and works both during the day and at night.

What are the five things you can't live without?

I cannot live without wearing a suit, striped shirts, my favourite suede shoes, my breast pocket handkerchief and blue socks.