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Avoid bringing in banned items

If you are coming into the UAE there are certain things which you should not bring with you.

Avoid bringing in banned items
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Dubai Municipality regularly confiscates and destroys pirated videos, CDs, audiotapes and illegal computer software.

Dubai: Since the UAE is an Islamic country, certain religious pamphlets are not allowed.

Pornographic material is of course prohibited even if the CDs, videos or films are for your personal viewing.

There are strict copyright laws enforced in the UAE. So any pirated videos, CDs, audiotapes or illegal computer software will be confiscated. Bringing in fireworks is also not allowed.

Some prohibited items:

  • It is illegal to bring oil paintings, books, magazines and sculptures that do not adhere to the religious and moral values of the country.
  • Counterfeit currency will land you in jail.
  • It is illegal to bring in ivory items.
  • Any harmful or radioactive substances are also banned.
  • Do not exceed the airport duty free allowance: 2,000 cigarettes and 400 cigars. The allowance is 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine for non-Muslims.
  • It is illegal to bring in alcohol via Sharjah Airport.
  • Laser pens or laser emitting devices are not allowed.
  • Some over the counter medicines (OTC) are prohibited and for which you will need your doctor's prescription.
  • All kinds of weapons and ammunition.
  • Chemical and organic fertilisers are not allowed.
  • Seeds and agricultural arboretums are banned.
  • Telecommunication equipment such as certain types of telephones, two-way radios and communication devices.
  • Any endangered species.