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Organisers dismiss Usher concert cancellation rumours

Messages posted on Twitter, Facebook and distributed among BlackBerry Messenger groups had suggested that the sold out concert was called off

  • Staff Report
  • Published: 18:16 March 6, 2011
  • Gulf News

Dubai: Organisers of the upcoming Usher concert in Dubai on Thursday have dismissed reports that the event has been cancelled.

"Usher is of course coming and the show has indeed completely sold out!" Thomas Ovesen, the COO of Done Events, told tabloid! on Sunday.

"He is currently on the second part of his OMG World Tour and will be playing in Holland tonight (Sunday) and in Belgium Monday night before heading to Dubai for the Thursday show."

Messages posted on Twitter, Facebook and distributed among BlackBerry Messenger groups have suggested that the sold out concert was cancelled, causing confusion on Sunday.

Many Gulf News readers wrote in seeking clarifications.

"As rare as a completely sold out concert is here in Dubai, as expected it is that the hype surrounding the event has caused rumours of all sorts - however Usher fans holding valid concert tickets should look forward to what will be an amazing production, a show unlike anything produced here in the past," Ovesen added.

"No more tickets will be sold at the venue. We will have rigorous security and ticket checks in place and scalping will not be permitted. Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorised persons as you might not be buying valid tickets and could be refused entry."

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