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Leona and Avicii collide

British singer Leona Lewis has been accused of plagiarising her new song, Collide

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  • Published: 00:00 July 19, 2011
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  • Leona Lewis

British singer Leona Lewis has been accused of plagiarising her new song, Collide, from DJ Avicii's upcoming instrumental track Penguin.

Lewis launched the dance track on Friday.

Representa-tives from the Ministry of Sound have reportedly demanded that music mogul Simon Cowell's Syco, the music label under which the song was released, pull the track.

"Leona Lewis has stolen our record. Collide is identical to Avicii's track. We've been working on this release for a year, then this week we heard Leona's track. Obviously Avicii is pretty upset about this," the sun.co.uk quoted a source from the Ministry of Sound as saying.

"A legal letter was sent to Simon Cowell and our lawyers have said they will take the appropriate action over the song."

Meanwhile, an insider at Syco says there is no legal issue as such.

"There is a zero legal case to answer. Avicii is already credited as a songwriter on Leona's song. It's a case of sour grapes from Ministry Of Sound," said the source.

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