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Coming to Dubai: Al Jarreau

The American jazz legend will perform at venue overlooking Burj Al Arab in December

  • By Kelly Crane, Senior Reporter
  • Published: 13:04 November 19, 2012
  • Tabloid

Seven-time Grammy Award-winner Al Jarreau is booked for what organisers are billing “the most exclusive event of the season”.

The American jazz legend will take to the stage at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s event arena on December 7.

Taking place at a purpose-built venue and overlooking the Burj Al Arab with ocean views, Jarreau is out to prove why he’s the only vocalist in history to pick up seven of the most prestigious music awards across three different categories — jazz, pop, and R’n’B.

With more than five decades of music behind him, Jarreau will perform songs from his many albums at the show, which is organised by Dubai-based promoter M Premiere. Tickets, Dh550, Dh770 and Dh1,250, are available at mpremiere.com; call 050-7686418.

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