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Showbiz Tsismis: Andrea Torres cries a river

Upcoming actress sad about last day of soap Sana ay Ikaw na Nga

  • By Vincent Anthon Garcia, Special to tabloid!
  • Published: 06:47 February 11, 2013
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  • "I cried for an hour," said actress Andrea Torres of her last day filming soap Sana ay Ikaw na Nga.

Upcoming actress Andrea Torroes cried a bucket on the last taping day of her soap Sana ay Ikaw na Nga (Hoping It’s You). She tells tabloid! why.

Q: You’ve had a remarkable year in 2012, starring in your first soap. Tell us how you felt when the producers talked to you about getting the lead role?

A: I was really excited and surprised, and also scared all at the same time. I thought about how challenging it would be, and how it was a great step for my career. I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope I did well enough.

Q: What has changed since?

A: A lot for me. I’ve been busier, and not just because of the soap but also because I had to go for more workshops and hone my skills further. I did this on my own, over and above what the network was providing. Because I really wanted to do well and prove to them that they – meaning the network’s management – did not make a mistake when they gave me a lead role. Of course, a lot more people recognised me whenever I had the chance to go out.

Q: You must have been under a lot of pressure. How did you cope?

A: I really was under a lot of pressure. We had to deliver. Fortunately, people warmed up the show eventually. Mikael (Daez, Torres’ screen partner) and I are both relatively new comers, and so of course we don’t have that much big of a fan base. Thankfully, we had a good story, and a good cast and people embraced the show – we had very good ratings and on several occasions topped the very competitive afternoon block.

Q: What did you tell people who said you did not deserve the lead role?

A: I said nothing. I just basically ignored them. If I let them get into my head, I would not be able to keep my focus. For me it was more important to focus on my work, my craft. If I gave into their negativity, I would have not done well; it would not have helped. I can handle criticism, ignoring I guess is one way of coping and it worked. There are criticisms that you listen to and deal head on – like those that I got from my director, but I am open to that so I can learn and grow.

Q: You had your last taping day last week. How did it feel?

A: I cried for almost an hour. We had become a family on the set up and I probably just got too emotional. I also cried because I was happy and relieved – it felt like a huge burden was lifted off of me, and I got a big pat on the shoulder. I know I have to do more and do better next time — and I hope the opportunity comes soon.

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