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Demi Moore gets cold shoulder at fashion event

The actress danced in her seat, pulling handfuls of hair across her face while fellow guests did their best to ignore her

  • Daily Mail
  • Published: 13:04 December 7, 2012
  • Tabloid

AT EVERY party, there’s always someone who could do with being taken home early.

Sadly, nobody seemed to be on hand to rescue Demi Moore at a fashion event in Miami.

Instead, her fellow guests appeared to be doing their best to ignore the actress as she danced in her seat, apparently oblivious to the disapproval of those around her.

Wearing a tiny grey playsuit, Miss Moore, 50, sat with her legs askew, revealing perhaps more than she intended.

She seemed to be in a world of her own, pulling handfuls of hair across her face and at one point slumping across the back of the sofa.

Other partygoers, including singer Lenny Kravitz and George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacey Keibler, remained seated as she leapt up to dance, thrusting her hips and clicking her fingers as she paraded around the table.

They were all attending Chanel’s beachside barbecue event in Miami.

Miss Moore’s behaviour has frequently been erratic since she split from her husband Ashton Kutcher, 34, in November last year, following allegations he had cheated on her.

Her weight plummeted and she appeared increasingly frail. In January she spent several weeks in rehab after she collapsed and had a seizure.

She had reportedly been inhaling nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas.

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