publishes a number of RSS feeds. These feeds contain article headlines, links and descriptions and are updated as the website is updated – with a slight delay. If you haven’t already set up an RSS Reader, you’ll find help on how to do so below.

I don't need help, just give me the links
Sure, here you go. You should be able to just drag the links onto your RSS Reader, but in case you want to type them in, the full URL is also provided.

Most Viewed -
All News Latest -
UAE News -
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Whooah - bit too fast for me. How do I set up the RSS feed?
Do you have an RSS reader already installed? If so, you can ignore the details below, and head to the next question. If you don't, download one! These are all good options:

Chrome -
Firefox -
Internet Explorer (version 7 and above) -
Opera -
Safari -

Bloglines -
Feedzilla -
Google Reader -
Microsoft Live -
My Yahoo -
Netvibes -
Newsgator -

Windows desktop software
Awasu -
Feed Demon -
Microsoft Outlook -
Newz Crawler -

Mac desktop software
Apple Mail -
Net News Wire -
Newsfire -

Pulse (Free) -
Reader ($2.99) -

Viggio (Free) -
BeReader ($9.99) -
Chatterbox (Free) -
FeedWheel (Free) -

Okay, I have installed the Web reader, what do I do now?
Once you have an RSS reader, subscribing to a feed is easy.

• Copy and paste, or just type the URL into the ‘add feed’ section of your RSS reader. Hit return.
• Drag the icon into your RSS reader. This should automatically download the content you selected into your reader.

Great. It’s working. How often are's RSS feeds updated?
The RSS feeds are updated throughout the day, new stories will be added to the RSS feed with a maximum 15 minute delay from the Web site – more often than not it’s pretty immediate.

Fact box: What is RSS and Why you Want It?!
With an RSS reader you can get updated content automatically sent from dozens of websites, saving you the hassle of having to click from site to site in order to get the latest stories.

All you have to do is load your RSS reader and read – you don’t need to visit the individual web sites. You can also subscribe to as many RSS feeds as you want to, meaning that you can get content from all of your favourite sites in one place.