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About Al Nisr Publishing and Gulf News

Where can I learn more about Gulf News?

Gulf News was first launched in tabloid format on September 30, 1978.
It was founded by UAE businessman Abdullah Abulhoul; its offices were located on the Airport Road, Dubai.
The newspaper circulation was approximately 3,000 copies daily, six days a week. The format was changed from tabloid to broadsheet size on January 1, 1980 and publication became seven days a week. For more information check out the History of Gulf News.

What’s so special about gulfnews.com?

www.gulfnews.com is a media portal for the Al Nisr Group. It is a one-stop online location for information in the Gulf Region and a binder to follow the ANG brand throughout your day, via print, radio, mobile, online, or WebTV. You can learn more about gulfnews.com portal here. GNAds4U allows you to list and search for whatever you may need via our online classifieds and if you are interested in joining the Al Nisr family, check out our Jobs at Gulf News for all the listed vacancies within Al Nisr.

How can I contact gulfnews.com?

You can contact us by using our feedback form. Just choose the recipient for your message from the drop-down list and fill in the form. If ‘legalese’ is what you’re looking for you can browse through our Terms and Conditions, Ethics Policy, Privacy Policy and the complete UAE Journalism Code of Ethics to which Gulf News is a signatory.

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Browser Compatibility

Do I need a special browser or software to view the website?

We try to accommodate all of our user’s preferences in computing, so www.gulfnews.com currently supports Google Chrome, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari, IE6, IE7, and IE8. If you are having a specific technical issue, please contact us through our feedback form, selecting webmaster as the recipient.

gulfnews.com does not seem to be updating (timestamp is out of date), how do I resolve this?

www.gulfnews.com is updated multiple times daily. If the timestamp appears out of date it might be because your browser cache is full. Follow the steps below to force your browser to refresh.

Internet Explorer

Press Shift and click the Refresh button to force your browser window to refresh. Alternatively press Ctrl and R simultaneously.

To force your browser to refresh every time a page loads:
1. Click on Tools, and then go to Internet Options.
2. Select General
3. Click on Settings button. Under "Check for new versions of stored pages" click the option for "Every visit to the page" then click OK twice.


Press Shift and click the Reload button at the same time to force your browser window to refresh.
To force your browser to refresh every time a page loads:
1.Choose Edit from the menu bar
2.Select Preferences.
3.On the left side of the window for Preferences, there are several categories to choose from. Under the category "Advanced", select the option "Cache".
4.Change the Disk cache amount to 0, and click the option for "Every time", then click OK.

In the event that this does not resolve the problem, you may have to manually ‘clear the cache’. The files you access on the internet can take up a significant amount of space, so to free up space on your computer, clear the cache by following the steps below:

 Firefox 2.0/ 3.0

1. Click Tools and select Options.
2. Click the Privacy icon on the Options menu bar.
3. On the Private Data section,click on the Settings button to open the Clear Private Data window.
4. Select what you like to have cleared
5. Click OK to close the Clear Private Data window.
6. Click Clear Private Data Now.
7. Click OK to close the Options window.
8. Close and reopen your browser.

Internet Explorer 6.0

1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options box should open to the General tab.
2. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button. This will delete all the files currently stored in your cache.
3. Click OK and then click OK again.
4. Restart your browser.

Internet Explorer 7.0

1.Click Start and select Settings, then Control Panel.
2.Double-click Internet Options.
3.Click the General tab.
4.Click Delete under ’Browsing History’
5.Click Delete Files in the Delete Browsing History dialog box.
6.Click Close.
7.Click OK.
8.Restart your browser.

Internet Explorer 8.0

1.Click Start and select Settings, then Control Panel.
2.Double-click Internet Options.
3.Click the General tab.
4.Click Delete under the Browsing History section.
5.Uncheck every check box except for Temporary Internet Files.
6.Click Delete Files in the Delete Browsing History dialog box.
7.Click Cancel.
8.Click OK.
9.Close and re-launch your browser.  


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Contributions and Submissions

How do I send a letter to the editor?

Gulf News welcomes feedback from our viewers. You can send your messages using this form. You can select a specific department editor using the dropdown menu. See our detailed Readers Policy: Letters to the Editor requirements for Gulf News letter page submission.

How do I send news stories to Gulf News?

If you have any news stories you would like to share with Gulf News or if you would like to contribute to any Al Nisr Group publications, you can do so by contacting the relevant recipients using this form.

How can I complain if I feel I have been treated unfairly?

Gulf News
is committed to serving the community. If you feel you have been wronged by a service-based organisation or want to resolve an issue, you can lodge your complaints by filling out the details here. See our detailed Readers Policy and the UAE journalism code of ethics to view our complete commitment to you.

I’ve noticed some bugs on the site or I have a suggestion for the website, what should I do?

Gulf News is always interested in ways to enhance our viewer experience, so please submit your issues or suggestion to the webmaster by using our feedback form.

I would like to share my photos with gulfnews.com. How do I upload a picture?

You can upload your photographs using this form. Please note you must be a registered, logged in gulfnews.com user. Register or login here. You may submit one picture at a time with a maximum size of 3MB in .jpeg version only.

What happens to my pictures once I upload it to gulfnews.com?

Whenever you upload pictures to www.gulfnews.com you agree that all content is your own original work and that you have the right to make it available to Gulf News for all purpose of use. Please see the full terms and conditions for complete details. All viewer submissions are subject to selection and moderation by Gulf News.

How can I comment on an article I’ve read?

Gulf News often asks our viewers for comments and opinions. Simply fill out the comment form open for an article. Please note that comments are subject to moderation and approval before publication to the site. See our Readers Policy for details.

I would like to list my event in the events calendar. How do I upload an event?

If you have an event you would like us to include in our calendar, you may upload the details using the event upload form. You must be the event organizer and please ensure all your details are entered correctly. Please note that events will not appear on the site until they have been approved by Gulf News.

Why do some articles have a label of Press Release? What’s the difference?

An article that is published with an indication of Press Release indicates that this is not editorial content from our staff or from a news wire. This is basically advertorial content provided by a public relations agency for a specific business or product. This is just another way to keep our viewers informed and up to date.

How can I get my company’s information or product news published?

Although, there is no guarantee that a company’s information or product news will be published in Gulf News; each press release is judged on its news merit and general interest to readers. Releases can be sent to business@gulfnews.com where they will be evaluated by the business section for publication. 

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Website Registration and Log in

Why should I register with gulfnews.com?

Registering with www.gulfnews.com will give you instant and direct access to all the latest breaking news stories, features and more. Once you set up your account, you will be able to comment on articles, upload your photographs, and participate in competitions receive interest specific newsletters and more. Better yet, it’s FREE!

How do I register?

Registering is easy. All you need to do is complete this registration form and then activate your account by clicking through the link sent through the same email account you used to register.

Is registration safe?

Registration with www.gulfnews.com is safe and secure. For more details on how your information is used, please read our privacy policy.

I am already a member. How do I login?

Existing members can login using the link at the right hand top corner on the site or by clicking here.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

Navigate to the login page and click on the ‘forgotten password’ link. You will be prompted to enter your email address, the same one you used to register. You will then receive an email with a link and instructions ob how to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by updating your profile information. First you must be logged into the system with your username and password. Then go to your account profile page and then change password.

How do I change my registration details?

You can update your registration details by changing your profile information in your account profile. First you must be logged into the system with your user name and password. Then go to the account profile page and change the information.

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Search and Archive

How do I search on gulfnews.com?

Search is simple. Just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click on the Search button, and www.gulfnews.com will search the site for pages that are relevant to your query. Remember: not all articles that have appeared in the print edition will be available online.

Guidelines for better search: General or Keyword Search

  • Every word matters. Generally, all the words you put in the query will be used. Search is always case insensitive, so searching for new york times is the same as searching for New York Times. Punctuation is generally ignored (that is, you can't search for @#$%^&*()=+[]\ and other special characters).
  • Keep it simple. If you're looking for a particular company, just enter its name, or as much of its name as you can recall. If you're looking for a particular concept, place, or product, start with its name. Simple is good.
  • Think how the page you are looking for will be written. A search engine is not human; it is a program that matches the words you give to pages on the web.
  • Use the words that are most likely to appear on the page. For example, instead of saying my head hurts, say headache, because that's the term a medical page will use.
  • Describe what you need with as few terms as possible. The goal of each word in a query is to focus it further. Since all words are used, each additional word limits the results. If you limit too much, you will miss a lot of useful information. The main advantage to starting with fewer keywords is that, if you don't get what you need, the results will likely give you a good indication of what additional words are needed to refine your results on the next search. For example, weather cancun is a simple way to find the weather and it is likely to give better results than the longer weather report for cancun mexico.
  • Choose descriptive words. The more unique the word is the more likely you are to get relevant results. Words that are not very descriptive, like 'document,' 'website,' 'company,' or 'info,' are usually not needed. Keep in mind, however, that even if the word has the correct meaning but it is not the one most people use; it may not match the pages you need. For example, celebrity ring tones, is more descriptive and specific than celebrity sounds.


How do I search on the gulfnews.com resources?

Resources, (cinema, recipes, destinations, events, dining out or ask the law) consist of keyword and dropdown menus. This allows you to choose different search fields to tailor the answers you require. Follow the tips below to guide you in creating a better search.

Search consists of four pull down options, each operating independently, therefore combinations cannot be used.

  • Movies: contain listing of the movies currently playing at cinemas
  • Language: selecting a specific language will return all movies that are currently playing that are shown in that particular language
  • Location: Selecting a value from this pull down will return all movies currently being shown in theatres in that particular location
  • Viewer Rating: A selection from this pull down will result in all movies currently being shown that have that selected rating.

Search consists of a keyword search and three pull down search options. Combinations of fields are permitted. The keyword field will search on all text within an article and returns results with that keyword listed.

  • Cuisine: A selection from this field will return results that match the selected cuisine type.
  • Dish: A selection from this pull down will return all recipes that are classified in this particular category, such as starters, snacks, desserts, etc.
  • You can enter / select more than one word or phrase to view records that contain all the words you have chosen. For example: if you type beef into the keyword, select American from the cuisine, and choose Main courses from the dish drop down; your results should be a list of all American beef dishes that can be served as a Main course.

Search consists of a keyword search and four pull down search options. Combinations of these fields are permitted. The keyword field searches on all text fields within the article and return the matching results. The pull downs are:

  • Country: This selection will return results associated with all reviews for a particular country.
  • Region: A selection from this pull down will result all reviews associated with a listed region.
  • Holiday Type: Selecting a value from this pull down will yield a listing of reviews associated with a specific type of holiday.
  • Viewer Rating: This selection will return all the reviews that have scored the selected rating.
  • You may enter / select more than one word or phrase to view records that contain all the values you have chosen. For example: Type in President as the key word value, select Middle East for the region, Select UAE for the country and then choose, spa / relaxation for holiday type and your search result will have all spa reviews for the seven emirates of the UAE that make any reference to the word President anywhere within the article.

Ask the Law
Search consists of a keyword search, a ‘subject’ pull down and date range filters. Combinations of these fields are permitted. The keyword field searches on all text within the Ask the Law article, either in the question or the answer.

Search consists of a keyword search, an event type pull down, date range filters, country (limited to the United Arab Emirates, at this time) and city which is comprised of the seven Emirates. Combinations of these fields are permitted. The keyword field searches on all text within the events.

Dining Out
Search consists of a keyword search and six pull down search options. Combinations of these fields are permitted. The keyword field searches on all text within the Dining Out article.

  • Cuisine: This selection will return all reviews associated with this particular cuisine type.
  • Establishment Type: A selection from this pull down will return restaurant reviews by the selected style of dining, (fast food to fancy).
  • Price range: The range selected is for a meal price for two. The results will be for all restaurants offering a meal for 2 within that selected range.
  • Country: This is currently limited to establishments within the UAE.
  • City: This selection will return results for the specified emirate.
  • Viewer Rating: This selection will return all the reviews that have scored the specified rating.

What type of material is available for search?

On www.gulfnews.com you can search through all articles that have appeared online, pictures, videos, interactive guides, all our resources. You can find information from Al Nisr’s entire portfolio of products and even limit your search results to a specific publication

What should I do if I want a hard copy of an article or picture that I have seen in print or online?

You can purchase the past 3 months hard copies of the periodicals from the Classifieds counter at the main office.
The soft copies of all the periodicals, since the publications’ launch, are available in the Library.
Images copyright to Al Nisr Publishing / Al Nisr Media can be purchased from the Library and the charges are subject to usage of the images.
Contact the Library for more details.

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Email Newsletters

Does gulfnews.com provide an email newsletter service?

Yes, www.gulfnews.com is currently offering newsletters which are each sent twice daily – Headlines are based on your preferences. Make your choice from the following topics: News, Business, Sports, Arts and Entertainment, Life and Style.

How do I subscribe to gulfnews.com newsletters?

Subscribing is easy; simply check the box next to your newsletter preference when you complete the registration form.

How do I unsubscribe from gulfnews.com newsletters?

Although, we prefer not to lose any of our viewers, we do understand if you choose to no longer receive the newsletters. Go to your profile page and simply uncheck the boxes next to the publications you wish to stop receiving.

How can I receive breaking news updates?

Breaking news updates can be received via our twice delivered daily newsletters. Simply check the areas of interest and these will be sent as the headlines in your newsletters.

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GNTV Video

I am having trouble viewing GNTV, any suggestions?

If you are having difficulties viewing our videos, please download the latest version of Adobe Flash (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/), and browse using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
If you are operating on a MAC please be sure to use Safari as your browser.

How can I send in video content?

If you have witnessed some breaking news, and recorded in on your mobile phone, you can email the video to us as long as it is smaller than 10MB in size. Contact us with our feedback form.

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Streaming Audio ( Radio 1 & Radio 2)

How can I listen to radio live on gulfnews.com?

You can stream our radio stations live on the Radio 1 and Radio 2 homepages. Click on the Listen live module in the top-right corner. Follow any instructions required to install the applet and then just sit back and tune in!

What does my machine require in order to listen?

In order to play the audio stream you will need a PC with Windows Media Player installed and an internet connection with a minimum of 49kbps or faster.
If you have a Mac it is possible to listen to alternate streams for this format, although you will need to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer

How fast is the stream?

Gulf News Radio is streamed at 64kbs, a speed fast enough to ensure good quality continuous audio coverage but slow enough to allow users with slower internet connections to listen too.

Can I listen using any other media player?

At this time the streaming service is only available through Windows Media Player. The service does not support alternative players.

 My stream is slow and keeps stopping...

If you are on dial-up or if your connection is slow then you may find the audio ‘buffers’ occasionally. There are some changes you can make to enable a smoother stream.

Type "tweaking dial-up connections" into a search engine to get more details.
If the stream buffers for a long time or seems to be taking a long time to work again, then clicking the play button on your media player will get the broadcast working again. 

This live radio stream is provided by Abacast. Answers to technical questions about streaming can be found on the help section of their website http://support.abacast.com/ 

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Gulf News Readers Club

What is the Gulf News Reader’s Club?

Gulf News Readers Club is a member only group that enables its members to enjoy first priority when Gulf News looks for input on stories. It provides a wider platform to voice your views, participate in debates and aid the residents in getting the nation's voice across.

How do I sign up for the Gulf News Reader’s Club?

Joining the Gulf News Readers’ Club is quick and simple. All you need to do is fill in your details here. Please note you must be a registered gulfnews.com member first, so register or login here.

Who is eligible to be a member?

To be eligible to join the Gulf News Reader’s Club you should be a dedicated Gulf News reader and be an exclusive contributor to Gulf News.

What does it mean for me if I join?

  • You become part of our exclusive editorial panel.
  • When Gulf News needs contributions, you will be one of the ones we turn to.
  • If there is talent to be promoted amongst the members, Gulf News will do so.
  • Members’ articles, experiences and comments will be printed in various sections of Gulf News.

How much of what I submit does Gulf News actually print?

The Gulf News Reader's policy is our commitment to you. As Gulf News and its sister publications from Al Nisr Publishing LLc and Al Nisr Media FZ LLc evolve and develop, the need exists to formulate basic guidelines to communicate and to collaborate with readers.

No set of rules could possibly address all possible situations. Therefore, these guidelines introduced in this document describe the values and standards we pursue in the journalism we practise at Gulf News. We see this as more of a decision-making process than a set of rules.

Building an adaptive, constructive culture that is attuned to readers and customers will result in higher readership. Such a process changes the culture of the organisation and treats readers and advertisers with respect – creating an environment that is more outward looking and responsive to change.

For a newspaper, objectivity is not a personality trait. It is a responsibility.
Objectivity must be supported by a set of guidelines that specify for readers how the newspaper and its editors will handle situations that may arise, to make readers feel as respected, participating members of the newsgathering and disseminating process.

The core values that guide our interaction with readers are accuracy, fairness, transparency, credibility, professional responsibility and helpfulness.
Please read the full details of our Readers Policy.

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Gulf News Online Services

What other services does gulfnews.com provide? 

Apart from the latest news coverage from the UAE, the region and the world, gulfnews.com offers a host of services to its users:

For updated daily prayer times click here.

For all the details on the latest happenings across the UAE, check out our detailed events calendar.

Fancy catching a film? See what’s playing and where – as well as the latest reviews- in our cinema listings.

Not sure of a place to eat? Or if that place down the street is any good? Check out our Dining Out guide for detailed reviews.

Our Residents Guide will help with all those questions from registering a car to customs and cultural traditions. A must read for newcomers to the UAE.

Have a specific legal question? Check with our Ask the Law section to see what information is available.

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Mobile Edition

Does gulfnews.com have a mobile edition? How can I access it?

www.gulfnews.com provide the latest updates directly to your mobile phone on :

View our complete Mobile Edition FAQs for additional information.

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RSS Feeds

How do I receive RSS feeds?

Receiving RSS feeds is simple. In fact, it’s just a click away.
First, you need a ‘feed reader’ or an ‘aggregator’- software which translates the data into a readable format. RSS readers are usually available as downloads or are sometimes attached to already existing internet software - hundreds are available to download. Then it is as simple as finding a site or the section of the site you want to subscribe to, then you can do one of two things.

  • Click on the icon, and while keeping the mouse button pressed drag the icon into your RSS reader. This will automatically download the content you selected (for example Gulf News World section) into your reader.
  • Click on the orange RSS icon or the text link underneath the logo and copy and paste the URL of the page it loads into the ‘add feed’ section of your RSS reader.

Don’t forget to check the box to indicate you have read and agreed to the Gulfnews.com RSS terms and conditions

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Twitter, Facebook and Social Networking

Is gulfnews.com on Twitter? How can I subscribe?

Yes, currently Gulfnews.com is on Twitter.
Simply log on to www.twitter.com/gulf_news to follow us.
If you’re not already tweeting, visit www.twitter.com, create an account and receive direct updates from Gulf News.

Can I see gulfnews.com videos on YouTube?

To view us on YouTube, just log on to http://www.youtube.com/GulfNewsTV

Can I add gulfnews.com as a friend on my Facebook Account? I can’t find you.

Right now, no you can’t. We don’t have an official Facebook presence. But, when we do, we’ll let you know exactly how to become a fan of the Gulf News application.

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Competitions and Promotions

How can I take part in gulfnews.com competitions and promotions?

You can take advantage of our exciting competitions and promotions by clicking here. Read what Gulf News is currently offering and make sure you don’t miss out. You must be a gulfnews.com member first, so Register or login here.

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How do I advertise on gulfnews.com?

For all information regarding advertising please consult our advertising guide. Click on the links below to find out how to place an advertisement in any of the Gulf News publications.

Advertising in Gulf News

Gulf News has a wide audience reach, whether through its print or online editions, making it a good tool to promoting your business or services. To find out the latest rates and other information regarding how to place an advertisement in your preferred medium, click here.

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Print Edition Subscriptions

How do I subscribe to Gulf News publications?

You can take advantage of our latest subscription deals by clicking here.
Please read our terms and conditions for subscriptions.

Subscriptions for companies and institutions

Organizations wishing to subscribe for their office, Click Here

Subscription issues and queries

For more information on our publications and subscriptions services customer service team.

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Gulf News ePaper Edition

How do I access the gulfnews.com e-paper?

You can view Gulf News as it was printed by clicking on the e-paper link in the top-right corner. You will need to subscribe to the service first. See our detailed epaper FAQs for additional information.

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