• story 1
    Tuesday Mar 3

    Is it safe to cook food in a microwave oven?

    The internet has many reports of the harmful effects of radiation from 
this household appliance, but most of them are not necessarily true

  • story 2
    Wednesday Feb 25

    ‘The Shining Path’ questions European history

    Hungarian artist Zsolt Bodoni’s works make a statement about the need for people to express their individuality, despite the systems, structures and events that restrict such expression

  • story 3
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Urban sprawls showcased in new light

    Nathaniel Rackowe’s ‘Radiant Trajectory’ uses the building blocks of cities’ architecture to draw the viewer’s attention to the hidden beauty of their chaotic surroundings

  • story 4
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Farzam Kamalabadi’s Chinese connection

    From calligraphy and poetry to investment and trade consulting, the Boston-educated Iranian-American straddled diverse roles and responsibilities in the nation for the past two decades

  • story 5
    Wednesday Feb 25

    A world of culture at Global Village

    From great art to better bargains, this destination is a must-visit for anyone with a penchant for traditional fare and authentic cultural influences

  • story 6
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Jung Chang: ‘I dreamt of being a writer’

    Jung Chang writes about Chinese history, even though it ruffles feathers of policymakers

  • story 7
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Review: Honeydew by Edith Pearlman

    A set of tales delves into the necessity, the difficulty, of being heard — the only way in which people find not just each other but themselves

  • story 8
    Wednesday Feb 25

    A princess redeemed by her noble cause

    The remarkable story of the goddaughter of Queen Victoria, Sophia Duleep Singh, who was a beguiling combination of royalty and revolutionary fervour

  • story 9
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Drone Theory: Provocative investigation on military drones

    The Americans turned an instrument of surveillance into a weapon, and they have become a hallmark of Barack Obama’s presidency. Yet the talk of “precision” is deeply problematic

  • story 10
    Wednesday Feb 25

    There is some good news about chronic pain

    Sufferers often are misdiagnosed and misunderstood. And while the traditional healing models may not work, there are ways to reduce the misery and live a life close to normal