• story 1
    Thursday Oct 23

    Capturing the Soul of Banaras

    Manu Parekh wants a viewer to feel the presence of people in his paintings through their absence

  • Thursday Oct 23

    Secrets of Silicon Valley

    Dress down, be original, strive for monopoly — the lessons drawn by high-tech entrepreneurs reveal much about an often-misunderstood world

  • story 3
    Thursday Oct 23

    A truly Colombian affair

    ArtBo refuses to give in to market pressures and remains committed to developing the nation’s art scene

  • story 4
    Thursday Oct 23

    One woman’s singular fight against Ebola

    With plastic bags, rubber boots and a raincoat, a Liberian nursing student builds a ward for her stricken family

  • story 5
    Thursday Oct 23

    ‘Thirty Years’: A war cry for sanity

    An Iranian couple reflect on the pointlessness of violence and the voicelessness of women for their first solo show in Dubai

  • story 6
    Thursday Oct 23

    Elephants play polo to save their kind

    Concerned about their shrinking numbers and habitat, and to raise funds to conserve them, celebrities flocked to the 13th King’s Cup in Bangkok

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 23

    Chandran Nair: Ape the West at your peril

    The director of The Other Hundred project talks about the urgent need for popularising an Asian brand of sustainable development

  • story 8
    Thursday Oct 23

    A crash, a brain injury and a tale of hope

    A mother recalls how her son made a dramatic recovery after being struck by a car and graduated from university with a distinction

  • story 9
    Thursday Oct 23

    A poignant tale of a marriage in crisis

    A mismatched couple take a make-or-break European tour in this funny but curiously buttoned-up successor to David Nicholls’s bestselling One Day

  • story 10
    Thursday Oct 23

    Review: Happy New Year

    Where’s the big bang in Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s latest film?