• story 1
    Thursday Jan 22

    Hesham Malik captures essence of African culture

    The artist’s works break away from the stereotypical image and focuses on tribal traditions and beliefs

  • story 2
    Thursday Jan 22

    Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on music and collaborations

    The Grammy-winning artiste, who will perform at “Sangam — A World Music Confluence, says the performances will be spontaneous, just the way he likes it

  • story 3
    Wednesday Jan 21

    Vadodara pays homage to its master builder

    Robert ‘Fellowes’ Chisholm pioneered the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture, the signature of British Raj in the Indian subcontinent

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jan 21

    Robert Olen Butler turns to crime

    The novel about an intrepid US war reporter during the Mexican civil war is as much spy fiction as it is an elegy to a dead age of journalism and a critique of the American desire to police the world

  • story 5
    Wednesday Jan 21

    If you had chickenpox, watch out for shingles

    The virus almost certainly returns in people who have had chickenpox. A vaccine, approved for those 60 and older, can lower chances of getting it

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jan 21

    The world through George Orwell’s eyes

    The writings of the idiosyncratic ‘patron saint’ of hacks has something for everyone and more than enough for everyone — including his foretelling of the age of social media

  • story 7
    Wednesday Jan 21

    The painful birth of Bangladesh

    In ‘Blood Telegram’, Gary Bass used documents from the US archives to expose why Kissinger and Nixon allowed the violence that took place during the creation of the country

  • story 8
    Wednesday Jan 21

    How the Germans bounced back

    In ‘Germany: Memories of a Nation’, Neil MacGregor gives an incisive account of how the nation rebuilt its identity out of the materials bequeathed by the past

  • story 9
    Wednesday Jan 21

    Jury still out on the benefits of a paleo diet

    Eating what our ancestors did could seem like a more natural lifestyle 
to many, but scientists find many of its claims difficult to swallow

  • story 10
    Wednesday Jan 21

    Talitha Arts gives victims back their dignity

    A unique non-profit organisation made up of artistes and arts therapists helps modern-day ‘slaves’ rebuild their shattered lives