• Thursday Oct 16

    Underwater therapy

    Scientists are working to prove that scuba diving psychologically and physically benefits people with spinal-cord-related paralysis

  • Thursday Oct 16

    Philip Larkin’s heart had its reasons, too

    A new biography of British poet is wide of the mark — especially in his dealings with women

  • Thursday Oct 16

    ‘10:04’ is an artful look at Ben Lerner

    The author himself stars as a blazingly intelligent and creative writer who is sensitive to the world

  • Thursday Oct 16

    Waterloo diaries

    As the bicentenary of the titanic battle approaches, two books break through its chaos and confusion

  • Thursday Oct 16

    Poonam Jain exhibits mind moulders

    The Indian artist explores the architectural and mental spaces that shape our ideas, beliefs and perceptions, especially about perfection and infinity

  • story 6
    Thursday Oct 16

    A box full of books for all to read and share

    Todd Bol’s idea of setting up a little library outside his home — promoting a sense of community —has now been adopted by thousands in 75 countries

  • story 7
    Thursday Oct 16

    Anna Morcom breaks down Indian dance

    The Indophile tracks the transformation of the art — from its roots as a courtesan activity, its stigmatisation and sanitisation, to Bollywood items

  • story 8
    Thursday Oct 16

    Uighur knives get a bad rap in China

    A series of deadly attacks, allegedly carried out by Uighur extremists, has set China on edge and given an ancient Uighur craft an ominous taint

  • story 9
    Thursday Oct 16

    Don’t expect a happy ending from David Fincher

    The ‘Gone Girl’ director reveals why he goes to such lengths to make audiences feel uncomfortable

  • story 10
    Thursday Oct 16

    Filmgoers head to Abu Dhabi

    The ADFF is set to come into its own with screenings 
of the year’s best and some restored classics