• Thursday Nov 20

    Malek Ibn Anas: Madinah’s independent scholar

    Malek Ibn Anas, the founder of the Maleki school of thought, stayed away from politics as he quietly went about compiling the first book on Islamic law

  • Thursday Nov 20

    Don’t let the inequality occupy your minds

    Have the over-mighty rich rewritten the rules to suit themselves? Or have the disaffected forgotten how rich they really are?

  • story 3
    Thursday Nov 20

    Breaking bones in Europe

    Jack Reacher is a drifter. But the army tracks him down, because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president

  • story 4
    Thursday Nov 20

    Engaging with urban spaces

    Gigi Scaria’s public-art projects speak of the times and places we live in — from the deep-seated problems facing a megacity like Delhi to a folklore that is heard on the Arabian Sea shores

  • story 5
    Thursday Nov 20

    African migrants’ life a struggle in Russia

    The hardships faced by refugees and asylum seekers living in the country are compounded by the widespread hostility and racism they often face

  • story 6
    Thursday Nov 20

    Liberation as a state of mind

    Steve Sabella’s images explore the connotations of occupation and the path to reclaim one’s identity

  • story 7
    Thursday Nov 20

    Does milk do a body good? Maybe not

    Contrary to the widely held belief, it makes the bones more prone to fractures and shortens lifespans, especially among women, a study finds

  • story 8
    Thursday Nov 20

    In Iran, a taste of Silicon Valley

    Tehran is now home to a growing tech ecosystem with start-ups despite the significant challenges

  • story 9
    Thursday Nov 20

    Stop calling me a geek

    The campaigns meant to attract women to the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths are actually turning them off

  • story 10
    Thursday Nov 20

    Thoughts on nature

    The destruction of our environment, and the cycle of energy and life are the themes that run through a joint exhibition by two Iranian artists