• Friday Aug 29

    Technology is magic that works

    From X-rays to mobile phones, the modern world is pulsing with unseen forces

  • Thursday Aug 28

    Magic of punctuation

    This aspect of grammar adds extremely useful extra nuances to English, turning the written word into the spoken word inside your head

  • story 3
    Thursday Aug 28

    Dying to save the rainforest

    Environmental activists in the Amazon continue their fight for nature and their rights against great odds

  • Thursday Aug 28

    A fresh script of Cold War’s end

    How Mikhail Gorbachev, George H.W. Bush and Boris Yeltsin were resistant 
to the breaking-up of the USSR

  • Thursday Aug 28

    ‘I try to assign a face to emotion’

    Ashvin, aka Docart, on his first solo show and how being partially colour blind ushered in more freedom

  • story 6
    Thursday Aug 28

    Bringing real change in women’s lives

    Dr Ibtihal Al Zaiydi, Iraq’s Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, believes the nation will rank among leaders in the field of advancement of women

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 28

    ‘My job is to imagine. I am a novelist’

    Booker long-listed author Joseph O’ Neill on ‘The Dog’, the reasons for setting it in Dubai and why he feels he is ‘doubly eligible’ for the literary prize

  • story 8
    Thursday Aug 28

    Misery on the Mekong

    A new front line in the global battle over water emerges as China dams the mighty river to quench its thirst for hydro-electric power

  • story 9
    Saturday Aug 23

    Loving every moment of his ‘baptism by fire’

    Britain’s new foreign secretary Philip Hammond is casting off his 
low-key image with forceful positions on Gaza, the EU and Russia

  • Saturday Aug 23

    What the Arab Spring tells us

    Academics contribute to an interesting read for anyone keen on grasping the impact of change in the region