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Spy for all seasons

Six actors. Twenty-three official movies in the franchise and counting. Set your sights at the spy series that has captivated generations. This is Bond, James Bond.

  • Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo and Yusra Farzan
  • Published: 13:44 October 4, 2012
  • Sean Connery
    Sean Connery

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    The first James Bond, Sean Connery starred in six of the franchise's movies.

  • George Lazenby
    George Lazenby

    Click here George Lazenby was in just one Bond moive.

  • Roger Moore
    Roger Moore

    Click here Roger Moore played Bond the most times, starring in seven movies.

  • Timothy Dalton
    Timothy Dalton

    Click here The charismatic Timothy Dalton starred in two Bond movies.

  • Pierce Brosnan
    Pierce Brosnan

    Click here Pierce Brosnan played 007 five times.

  • Daniel Craig
    Daniel Craig

    Click here The newest Bond is getting ready to release his third film this month.