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Average Unique users per month: 1.1 million
Average Page views per month: 10.4 million

News News is the leading source of English language news coverage in the Middle East, dominating not only in reach, but in the consistency with which it delivers stories that matter. This respected journalism attracts an audience that is quantitively and qualitatively rich for advertising campaigns.

Average Unique users per month: 586 thousand
Average Page views per month: 6.7 million

Business Business is one of the most read business and analysis source for stories shaping the corporate world. Combining markets, financial and macroeconomic data, business is the first port of call for organizations and investors from the Middle East and beyond.

Average Unique users per month:137 thousand
Average Page views per month:1 million

Sport Sport offers the most in-depth English language coverage of both local and international sporting events in the region. From the Olympics to the World Cup and from European Championships to Horse Racing in Dubai,our passionate sport journalists take readers on a journey with compelling coverage of the matches, games and events that matter.

Average Unique users per month:41 thousand
Average Page views per month:333 thousand

Life Life & Style keeps a tab on the consumer’s pulse. From Food to Motoring, from Travel to Gadgets and Technology, this is your chance to get in front of customers that are actively seeking ways to spend their marketing dollars on a relevant platform.

Average Unique users per month:97 thousand
Average Page views per month:449 thousand


Providing reviews for films,celebrities, gaming and local events, this section is perfect for brands looking to reach out to a social audience.

Average Unique users per month:147 thousand
Average Page views per month:555 thousand


The type of users that visit this page are likely to be new to the region, and finding their feet. They are active and hungry for information that serves a purpose and utility. What, where, when, and most importantly – How?

Average Unique users per month: 43 thousand
Average Page views per month:282 thousand

Opinion Opinion is recognized to have the best news and analysis of regional affairs in the Middle East. With contributors from across the region, it is the section of the site for those desiring a deeper level of understanding of political, economic and social issues affecting the GCC, Levant and North Africa. Users are highly educated, likely to be affluent and in senior position, as to be the go to source for information in corporations and organizations across the region.

Average Unique users per month: 30 thousand
Average Page views per month: 280 thousand


GNTV is unique in the region for its high quality, locally produced reportage. No other media outlet can claim to produce the quality or quantity of regionally relevant video that touches on all facets of life in the UAE and beyond – from sports to the arts, from business to entertainment.

Average Unique users per month: 28 thousand
Average Page views per month: 150 thousand


A picture tells a thousand words, which is one of the reasons why the Galleries section on is one of its most popular sections. A highly interactive forum - readers often share their own images, and the Best of Readers Images is one of the most successful galleries published each week. Users are likely to be technology savvy, artistic, have a deep understanding of the wider region and world, and be highly engaged on the site.

Average Unique users per month: 83 thousand
Average Page views per month: 490 thousand

In Focus In Focus is an editorially focused section of the site where we cover the latest global and local events that make a difference. Think Olympics, Dubai 2020, The Oscars, or the Dubai World Cup. In Focus pages are a concentration of news, views, videos, graphics and polls around these events. They attract users passionate about those events.

Average Unique users per month: 17 thousand
Average Page views per month: 95 thousand

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If you are a global reader and want a unique, in-depth coverage on the Middle East – the tablet is the answer. It offers the very best of content from UAE, the Gulf and the Middle East. Receive a morning and an evening edition everyday. Discover the expertise of our news coverage and be informed on matters that shape the region.

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This edition of not only offers breaking news coverage, but access to the main sections of our online portal, including latest news, features and picture galleries. 


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